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I was extremely delighted when I saw in [] that your medical facility, [St. Marjory Medical Center], is urgently looking for a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Immediately, I prepared my resume and wrote this letter to express my enthusiasm to be a candidate for this opportunity. Hopefully, as you review my resume and read this letter, you would consider me as a prospective applicant.

Medical science has always been my passion. That passion led me to pursue a [Ph.D. in Medical Science], which allowed me to become a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist. For [many years], this has been my line of work, even to this day. I have lent my medical expertise to [three] well-known medical facilities in the country. Throughout my career, I have operated many medical laboratory equipment and apparatus that are considered state of the art. Around [60%] of cancer patients under my supervision were cured by extensively analyzing their cancer tissues and how they react with various treatments. I achieved that accomplishment thanks to my enthusiasm to work collaboratively with other medical experts.

I am hoping you would grant me the chance to contribute significant feats to [St. Marjory Medical Center]. I would wholeheartedly share my experience and knowledge as a long-time Medical Laboratory Scientist to your existing medical staff. My phone number and email address are the best means to contact me in case of an interview. Call or message me at [any hour from Monday to Saturday], and you would get an immediate response. 



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