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College Basketball Coach Cover Letter

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I was approached by [Mr. William Bryant], your football team’s head coach and an acquaintance of mine, saying that [Branville State College] basketball team is in need of a new head coach due to the recent departure of [Mr. Phil Wolowitz]. I didn't hesitate to say yes, which led me to write this letter to inform you about my interest in becoming your new College Basketball Coach. 

[Six months] ago, I stepped down as head coach of [Pemgeen High School] basketball team. I was their head coach for [five years] and I led them to state championships multiple times. A good number of my previous players in [Pemgeen High School] are now prominent college players and are being eyed by basketball scouts and agents for future NBA drafts. Over the past months, I coached in youth training camps and freelanced as a skills coach for professional players. All in all, I have experienced every challenge that a basketball coach encounters and subsequently learned from them. Moreover, I have a [bachelor's degree] in [physical education] and a coaching license from the [USA Basketball] organization. 

I've always been a fan of [Branville State College] during NCAA seasons, and I hope to continue the winning culture left by [Mr. Phil Wolowitz]. So if you're considering me as your next College Basketball Coach, I am ready to respond to your phone call or email at [any time from Monday to Saturday]. Thank you for your time and I wish only the best for [Branville State College] athletics department.



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