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Engineering Supervisor Cover Letter

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[November 21, 2053]

[Ann W. Haworth]
[Human Resource Manager]
[Portman Manufacturing]
[27 Glendale Avenue]
[Woodland Hills, CA, 91303]

Dear [Ms. Haworth],

I sent you this letter as a formal response to your Engineering Supervisor job opening in []. I want to inform you that I am qualified for this position due to my illustrious credentials and experience. Embedded along with this letter is my detailed resume displaying my complete background.

I was an [Engineering Supervisor as well], for the past [four years] at [Brunhild Manufacturing]. My primary duty there was ensuring that their machinery and equipment are always in good condition for efficient production. I did so by ordering my staff to conduct regular maintenance checks and to submit maintenance logs directly to me. When there are damages, I made sure that my engineers repair them as soon as possible. Aside from machinery and equipment, I also monitored the plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC systems. The most notable legacy I left at [Brunhild Manufacturing] was that I [suggested the management to purchase brand new machinery]. Because of that, [their productivity increased, which ultimately led to an increase in their revenue]. 

[A week ago], I resigned from [Brunhild Manufacturing] to try other environments in my line of work. I am hoping to fulfill that endeavor in [Portman Manufacturing]. So if you're considering giving me a chance, by all means, contact me via my phone or send me an email at any time. I assure you that you'll receive a prompt response on my behalf. I thank you in advance for this opportunity, and I'm hoping to meet you soon.  


[Jack W. Wells]
[(303) 583-7647]
[[email protected]]

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