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Auto Sales Manager Cover Letter

Auto Sales Manager Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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I came across your vehicle dealership company's Auto Sales Manager job advertisement in []. Seeing it delighted me since it's the exact kind of job I'm currently targeting. I didn't hesitate to click on it and read its requirements. Afterward, I realized that I am qualified for it. So as a formal response, I sent you this letter to express my interest for the position.

Being an Auto Sales Manager has been my line of work for the last [five years] at [Turbo Dealers]. During my entire employment there, their monthly revenue never went down below the target due to my capabilities in strategizing for sales operations. Before I strategize, I always analyze how competing vehicle dealership companies establish their footing in the market as well as current trends in the automotive industry. Since I have dealt with vehicles for quite a long time, I grew knowledgeable of their mechanical and technological features. And as a sales manager, I always strive to guide my sales staff in performing their respective duties. 

I resigned from [Turbo Dealers] with the intention of exploring other challenges in the automotive industry. That said, I'm hoping that you would call me or send me an email for a job interview invitation. You can contact me at your most convenient time and expect a prompt response from me. I immensely appreciate the time and effort you've invested in reading this letter. 



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