Editorial Researcher Cover Letter

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I saw your job advertisement from [ADD WEBSITE OR LOCATION] last [ADD DAY]. Hence, I have been looking for a job that can further develop my skills in research and editing, and apparently, your job opening is the right choice for me. Rest assured that the skills that I possess can be suitable for this job not only for me but also for your team.

My skills in the field of acquiring statistical data and information is a thing that I always wanted to do with my life. On the other hand, writing is one of the skills that I am comfortable doing. As a former [SPECIFY JOB], it made me have the skills that you can use in your team in which I am confident to share. I have learned how to edit research papers and give reviews regarding these papers. I have also given feedback about these researchers and made sure that they were following the rules and other guidelines needed before they were passed on to the publishing team. Nevertheless, should you want to know about the skills that I have, you can refer to my resume in detail.

If given the chance to be a part of you and your other editors, I would make sure that the duties indicated in the job description are properly performed in accordance to what is best. Lastly, you can contact me through my contact details below and I am also free to be asked or inquired any time of the day.



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