Business Trainer Cover Letter

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I am currently looking for a job that can develop my training skills particularly in the field of business. With this in mind, I was searching for possible job openings and luckily, I saw yours at [SPECIFY WEBSITE OR LOCATION]. I am certain that I am capable of doing the duties and responsibilities indicated in your job description. 

 My career is mostly exposed to the world of business and this shaped me to become more adept in skills that involve this area of expertise. My skills are more inclined in teaching people and supervising them. For [ADD YEARS] of experience as a [SPECIFY JOB] came a lot of learnings. One of which is organizing workshops and training sessions for the newly hired employees in [SPECIFY COMPANY]. This experience taught me to be more knowledgeable in creating training plans and activities. Hence, should you want to know more about these things, you can refer to my resume.

I am hopeful that you can consider my application in this job position. Therefore, if you have more questions and other inquiries about me, you can contact me through my contact details below and you can also contact me from [ADD DAYS] at [ADD TIME].



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