Earth Scientist Cover Letter

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I am currently looking for a job that can potentially develop my skills in pure and applied sciences, and so far, your job advertisement came into the list. I saw your job hiring in a local bulletin board in my university and it suddenly caught my attention. Without hesitation, I submitted my cover letter together with resume for the hope that I can be qualified and be an essential asset to your team.

My skills are more into the use of [geosensing and GIS] in gathering data from a particular area. Because of this, I got the idea of applying for this job since it made me realize that this skill might be important not just for my growth but also for you. On the other hand, I have also developed analytical skills most especially in making innovations or solutions from a certain problem that is being encountered in the workplace, a thing that I am proud of. If you want to know more of the skills that I have, you can take a quick look at my resume for more evidence or details.

I am enthusiastic that what I have is what you currently need in your team. Nevertheless, if given the chance to be a part of your team, I would definitely perform the necessary duties and see to it that I would do them with the best of my ability. Lastly, if you have any questions, you can contact me using the contact details below.






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