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IT Business Proposal Letter




We heard that your school, [Colin School of Technology],  has been greatly troubled by some recent mishaps in your system. We believe that this is due to some underlying causes like outdated devices, not updated systems, and other factors that make your system sluggish and weak. Although we can somewhat figure out the general idea, we cannot see the specifics. For this reason, we believe that you should hire our team of computer and technology experts to help your school better.

Our team of experts, lead by [Mr. Ronald Tiller], stayed in the industry for [thirteen years] now. They are one of the best crews you can hire with the least possible of time, as they live nearby. Our experts have been to many countries, as well, namely, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, and some others. They have had the chance to go there due to their skills. They have also been a part of the now-disbanded experts from []. So you can be certain that you have the best in the field.

The moment you said yes, to this proposal. Our team of experts will visit your school within the next [two days]. They will start troubleshooting your systems and will orient your staff on the best and safe procedures they can use to improve and use your network. After determining these areas, they will then start suggesting the other parts your school maybe is missing.

If ever this letter has piqued your interest, feel free to contact our company, [Al Bay Digital Solutions] at [816-365-3604]. The office is open for any of your calls at any time within the week. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your generous consideration.

Respectfully yours,


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