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Email To Employee For Reduction of Salary Template

Email To Employee For Reduction of Salary Template in Word, Google Docs, PDF

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Dear [Ms. Sandra P. Vargas],


As you may be aware, our company, [Risco Bar & Resort], is one of the many affected establishments from the [COVID-19] pandemic outbreak. The current global situation has resulted in significant economic challenges for the company. Therefore, the management has deemed it necessary to come up with certain measures to manage and conserve the company's assets and maintain financial stability during these trying times.

After several deliberations, the management of [Risco Bar & Resort] has come to a difficult but necessary decision that can help cope with the strains brought about by the pandemic and secure the future well-being of the company and its employees. Effective [May 1, 2020], both exempt and non-exempt employees, will receive a ten percent (10%) reduction in their annual salary and hourly pay rate, respectively.

We have taken into consideration the impacts of this tough decision on you and especially to your families. However, the management sees this as the ideal choice among other alternatives, which has the least drastic overall impact on the company and its employees. Rest assured that the management will continuously monitor the finances of the company so that the decision may be [reevaluated.]

[Risco Bar & Resort] genuinely appreciates your hard work, dedication, and patience. Know that you have our support at this time of crisis. Should you have any questions or clarifications regarding this matter, do not hesitate to ask your direct manager or contact the human resources department via email at [[email protected]] or call [222 555 7777.]


[Ms. Kerry P. Williams,]
[Human Resources Manager, Risco Bar & Resort]

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