Did you know that the first traces of adoption was practiced as far back as ancient Roman times? It is when a family patriarch is about to die without a male heir. And the only way is to let families with many sons offer their children to noble families through adoption. Nowadays, the process evolved to ensure that adoptive parents will have a permanent legal responsibility to the child. To help you, take a look at our Free Ready-Made Adoption Certificate Templates. These professionally designed templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in Microsoft Word using any device that has access to the software anytime, anywhere! What else are you looking for? Have a legal adoption by downloading this template today!

How to Create an Adoption Certificate in Microsoft Word

A research published in pointofview.org reveals that there are roughly 135,000 children adopted annually in the United States alone. And according to Statista, nearly 125,422 children were waiting for adoption in 2018. Well, child adoption is not the only option for people who wanted to have someone they want to take care of. In fact, there are around 3.2 million domestic animals fostered yearly. With that, having a legal document certifying that a child or a pet is officially owned is essential. In this brief guide, we have outlined practical tips for you to follow to create a compelling adoption certificate. Have fun!

1. Know the Purpose of Your Adoption

Why are you creating an adoption certificate? Is it used for child adoption? Or, are you planning to adopt a dog or a kitten? Determine its purpose. Having this identified will allow you to outline proper certificate wording and relevant design.

2. Write the Essential Details

Once you already have a goal for your certificate, prepare the content. List down all the needed details. Certificates may have the same details and format. But as for your adoption certificate, include details such as the name of the orphanage, official logo, address, name of the adoptee, a short statement, adoptive family, date, and authorized signatures. If you are planning to create an animal adoption certificate, details must include the pet store name, logo, address, pet's name, a brief statement declaring that the pet is officially adopted, date, adopter's and pet owner's name and signature.

Just a tip: Keep the content short and simple.

3. Layout and Design Appropriately

Relevant layout and design give more meaning to your certificate. Thus, make the best out of it! For instance, in creating a pet certificate, incorporate cute artworks of dog, kitten, unicorn, etc. Select an 8.5 x 11-inch certificate size. This will make your document look more formal and professional. Choose a color palette wisely. Your certificate does not need to look too artsy. Opt for minimal colors. Moreover, use readable fonts like serifs. You can also utilize calligraphy fonts but make sure that it's still legible enough.

Just a tip: Balance all these elements. Messy formats may off-put the recipients.

4. Experiment with Pre-made Certificate Templates

From conceptualizing the purpose of your adoption certificate to planning the content and design, crafting one from a blank template is a time-consuming task. Thus, look for the best alternatives. Research for relevant ideas and inspirations to make your own. Fortunately, you need not to look further! Above this article, we got you our sample printable certificates—be it for a child or animal adoption. Freely download, open, and customize it in MS Word to suit your needs. Once you're done editing, recheck for glaring errors. Then, utilize sturdy paper or card stock to maintain quality.

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