How to Create an Advertising Flowchart in Google Docs

In the 1920s, the advertising techniques were first then applied in a tobacco advertisement. Until this day, with the existence of technology, advertising continuously prosper. And it will always remain vital for products and services competition in this fast-paced industry. According to the analysis released by Statista, the U.S spent about $190 billion in advertising in 2016, making them the largest advertiser. Through sale promotion, content strategy, and strategic plan, business development is possible. However, even when you have enough resources, but you don’t follow a coherent advertising process, challenges and risks could still linger. That is why workflow structure is necessary as it helps planners to avoid errors and mistakes in advertising campaigns and media plans. So, to guide you in creating an Advertising Flowchart in Google Docs, below are some tips you can follow.

1. Collect all Advertising Activities

First things first, begin by collecting the campaign activities. In this way, you won’t have a hard time transferring the steps once you start visualizing the process. Aside from that, this helps you clarify the responsibilities of every individual involved. So, create a list of the activities that need to be accomplished. Identify which of them are your priorities. We suggest you take the time to do this process as this is crucial. One mistake and it could pose certain risks.

2. Identify the Involved Individuals

Part of the process of creating an advertising chart needs to involve identifying the members. As the individuals involved are vital in the success of your advertisement, you should know the positions individually. In this manner, you’ll identify who’s responsible for specific tasks. You may include the creative team, virtual assistants, managers, and many more. Ensure that their duties and responsibilities are clear.

3. Map the Process

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without mapping the whole process. In doing so, you can download a Ready-Made Advertising Flowchart Template from our website. Customize the template using Google Docs. Then, locate your template from the Template Gallery. But before anything else, decide your layout. It can either be a vertical or horizontal layout. Continue the process by transferring the steps in every box or shape. Make sure all the process labels are short, yet straightforward. But above everything, the steps must be in proper order.

4. Keep it Clean and Simple

For every business development flowchart, keeping it professional-looking is necessary. So, make a simple chart instead. However, you are not limited to use arrow or line connectors. Connect the steps individually. And make sure it follows the right direction, which is downward. Next, adjust the background colors for each shape. Also, modify the font style. However, remember to avoid overdoing the process. And make sure to maintain its readability. Lastly, put a title at the top.

5. Review, Save and Execute

Now, on to the final step! If you think you are done, then you are wrong. The last step includes reviewing the process. It is vital that rechecking will be made once or twice if necessary. But, you can always involve your team to keep things manageable. Once done, save a final copy. In this way, you can easily update your workflow structure if there is a need to. Lastly, settle down and wait for your sample charts to be printed.

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