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How to Create Advertising Flyers in PSD

The history of advertising flyers dates back to Renaissance Italy, where merchants disseminated information through handwritten paper newsletters. Fast forward to the digital age; flyers are still effective in spreading information, whether for public service or business promotion. If you want to use advertising flyers for your business, read on to learn some tips and tricks when creating it on Photoshop.

1. Prioritize the Information

The main purpose of your business or corporate flyer is to promote your products and services. Therefore, you should not forget to include the basic information; answer the five Ws and one H questions clearly in your flyer.

2. Use Captivating Designs

Although the texts are the most important part of the flyer, you should not disregard the designs and images. You should always aim to make your flyer eye-catching even when shuffled with other printed materials. Go for captivating images, but make sure they relate to your purpose.

3. Learn Simplicity

As a novice graphic designer, you should avoid the common mistake of jump-packing a flyer with texts and images. Make it simple; use short texts and simple layout and designs that will showcase the information. Remember that a flyer is just a small piece of paper—in this case, less is more.

4. Add Motivation for the Readers

A flyer is a tool you use to help your business. Therefore, it should have a call-to-action that highlights the benefits of your products and services.

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