Completing a complicated group task can be made achievable if you work on it together. The same thing goes when it comes to managing an agency business. Having efficient employees for the business helps it grow and sustain profitability. But on the other hand, they can also be a problem if they are not properly managed. Turn these disadvantages into advantages with the right management tool. Fret not! We have a collection of 100% customizable and ready-made Agency Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs that you can use. All of them come with original suggestive contents and are print-ready in A4 & US Letter sizes. Successfully update the hierarchical structure of your agency business with these instantly downloadable and editable templates today!

How to Create an Agency Organizational Chart in Google Docs

Agency organizational charts depict the internal structure of the agency business. It presents the roles and chains of command among employees inside the organization. Creating it can be quite tedious, but constructing it should be given a priority, particularly for small business owners. According to AdAge, the US agency revenue is decreasing. In 2018, it recorded its weakest growth of 1.7%. One of the possible reasons as to why this industry is slowly losing profit is because of the lack of apparent managerial authority.

Having an effective agency workflow is the best solution to help save the business from bankruptcy. Learn how you can make one with the series of guide tips that we have presented below.

1. Familiarize the Organization

A typical business organization comes with different departments or functions. Familiarize yourself with each one of them as well as the total number of employees that you have. Knowing how extensive your organization is will help you come up with a functional organizational chart and would assure you that you won't miss anything out. This step applies to all kinds of agency organizational chats regardless if it is a travel or insurance agency.

2. Gather Names & Positions

Make a list of all the employees that you have together with their corresponding positions. To make it less hassle on your end, do it by department. Make sure that all information that you have gathered is factual and spelled correctly. Review them thoroughly and check if the employee list that you have collected is updated. The last thing that you want to happen is to entirely create the chart only to find out that the names that you have included are no longer working for the business.

3. Decide on its Structure

Draft the overall look that you want for your agency organizational chart. Decide what kind of format, structure, or orientation would fit best for it. Creating it can be quite tedious, so it would be best if you'll take a look at other organizational charts online. Prepare to jot down some notes. If your business is a marketing agency, make use of ready-made and editable templates. Using templates guarantees you of a high-quality and functional output with less to no hassle editing efforts.

4. Tone Down on its Design

Compared to beautifully designed advertising materials, organizational charts are essential business documents that need to be created professionally. You don't need to be too creative in constructing it. Just like flowcharts, you also need to tone down your use of overly decorated designs. Use minimal colors only and try to be strategic in placing them. If you are creating an org chart for your advertising agency business, then use these colors to highlight the names and positions in the chart. You may also apply them on the margins or as a color scheme background.

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