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What is a Bakery Flyer?

A bakery flyer is an advertisement tool — like a poster and brochure, specifically used by bakery shops to promote their goods. Moreover, the products of bakeries are commonly composed of a cupcake, bread, cake, and other delectable dessert and pastry product.

How to Make an Enchanting Bakery Flyer?

There are a lot of bakeshops present in town; hence, you have to be wise in order to outsmart your competitors. The art of baking is not that simple, it takes time, attention, effort, and talent. Those things mentioned also applies in running and operating a bakery shop — even a cafe or such. Thus, make your bakery stand out by creating a well-made flyer. That said, we present you helpful techniques in making an engaging flyer.

1. Study

You have to take time to study everything that affects your business such as your competitors, your prospects, your products, your establishment's location, and more. In that case, you will know what to do and work on if you are still on the verge of establishing your shop, and you will be aware of what to improve and what measures to take for the betterment of your business if you already put up your shop but your recent strategy didn't take effect. Afterward, generate a well-deliberated plan and a neat outline too.

2. Begin the Edit

Start customizing your layout. If you have a theme in mind, you can apply it so that you will have a clear path to take and not just mixing all the components recklessly. For example, you are having a summer sale, ensure that every detail gives off a summer vibe — even the images you will use. Furthermore, continue editing after picking a theme. Use color schemes that complement each other like tangerine, orange, and yellow, fonts that are eye-catching and noticeable, images that are striking and attractive, etc.

3. Place the Details

After lay-outing, fill it in with the necessary information such as the 5 W's and 1 H. Ensure that you are providing your prospects with comprehensive answers to the following questions: "What is the name and products of your bakery?", "Where is your establishment located?", "When is the event (if it is a sale, grand opening, or etc.)?", "Why should they join or go?", "Who to look for or look forward to (if there is a raffle draw or a special guest)?", and "How to avail the promo or discount?" You have to put the accurate details to avoid confusion and gain the trust of your target. Moreover, do not forget to include a call to action, a headline, a slogan, etc. for a more engaging outcome.

4. Produce Copies Then Distribute

Do not impulsively print a massive amount of copies if your prospects are not that wide. You have to make it proportional to the people that you want to receive it, so estimate then print it out. Afterward, distribute it in ways that you think are effective.

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