Menu, in one way or another, is an essential tool to have a well-organized event. Baptism menu allows the godmothers, godfathers, and guests to expect the food and beverages that will be offered and served to them. Are you planning to make a baptism menu? If you are, then fate brought you on this site. We, at, are committed in helping you get through with all the preparations you need to have. We offer beautifully designed and 100% customizable Baptism Menu Templates that are made available in US 8.5×11 inches, 5×7 inches, 4.25×11 inches + Bleed sizes and in default formats located in the description. We don’t want to waste your time and effort, so we made this high-quality and professional templates editable and printable. Download now!

What Is a Baptism Menu?

A menu is not just a mere list of food and beverages, rather, it is a representation of your business. Menus are significant too in organized events like conferences and parties. A baptism menu is a tool used by guests to determine the kind of food menu that they have to expect in a Christening party. Baptism is a common tradition of all Christians. It is the sacrament that absolves the sins committed by the progenitors of mankind. Indeed, it is a very important event in a Christian’s life.

How to Make a Baptism Menu

According to Junno Arocho Esteves in his Vatican Statistics Report Increase in Baptized Catholic Worldwide, the number of baptized Catholics reached 1.27 billion or 17.8 percent of the global population as of March 2016. The aforementioned statistics are inclusive for Catholics only. How many baptisms will there be if we include all Christian and other religions? There could be a lot and there could be various baptism parties in any state. Here are some guidelines that will help you get through in making your own printable menu.

1. Plan

Before you head start with making the blank menu, you must have a careful planning first. Start with making a list of expected guests and the type of food and drinks to serve. You can think of baptism celebration ideas, the location of the reception, party ideas, the time of the celebration—whether lunch, afternoon, or dinner, the theme of the party, decorations, and baptism invitation cards. Having a thorough plan will give you an idea how to achieve your goals and how to handle misfortunes, thereby making your forthcoming event an organized and successful one.

2. Inquire for Alternatives

There are people who do not have to worry inquiring for alternative menus because they hire professional event organizers and opt to have a reception in restaurants. Meanwhile, there are also people who want to prepare everything by themselves. In this regard, if you are the latter type of person, you can list all food and beverages that you want to serve in the celebration; however, do not stick with your own choices. You can ask for some suggestions from an invitee and let his/her voice speak for other invitees. If you are still not contented with their suggestions, then you can ask a professional chef for creative menu ideas.

3. Work with the Design

The design of the menu should match with the theme of the Christening party. However, do not overdo the design because it might defeat the purpose of the menu. Leaving negative spaces is already elegant menu and it allows better readability. So you better not dwell too much with the spectacles.

4. Add Pictures and Descriptions

The pictures of the food and its equivalent description are the most important features in your menu. Just like restaurant menus, your goal is to entice your guests with the food and beverages that you offer by showing and telling. Make sure to add photos that are in good condition. Furthermore, avoid putting pixelated pictures because the guests might find it hard to determine the food, especially if its name is quite unfamiliar. Meanwhile, the description should correlate to the food. Arrange your menu according to their category. Do not put something for the sake of just putting it. Remember, your guests will read it too. Lastly, use typefaces that are not too complicated to understand.

5. Proofread and Print

Prior to printing, make sure to proofread your menu. Look for grammatical errors and misspelled words in the descriptions. Sometimes, reviewing it by ourselves is not enough because our brain can trick us. It is better to ask someone to check your output and do not be discouraged if they spot mistakes, be thankful instead. In printing, you can use laser printers and high-quality papers, so you can expect a good outcome.

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