The end of the Thanksgiving celebration marks the beginning of a busy downtown scene. From disruptive bumper-to-bumper traffic down to the mass of crowd who goes for a store-to-store discount hunt, you already know that it's Black Friday. Since this day is the start of what is known to be the most income-earning day of the year, you who hold a retail company should draw your potential customers into your business door. And you can make it happen through our Black Friday Flyer Template in Apple Pages. Packed with ready-to-made specifications from design to content, easily craft one compelling flyer in just a snap. Plus, it's also accessible for your use, so you can get to modify our premium templates wherever you are. Pretty convenient, right? Download now!

How to Create a Black Friday Flyer in Apple Pages

No doubt that in the United States, people are so excited about the Black Friday sales. In fact, in a gathered statistical data by The Balance, they deduced that in 2018, there are roughly $717.5 billion of retail sales that are garnered in just one day. And that's a 4.3% of the increase, compared to previous years.

For your perspective, as a businessman, the statistical data would spell a significant advantage for you to boost your business' promotion on a Black Friday sale. And lucky for you, we can help you achieve it through our guide below.

1. Segment Your Flyer's Message

So that you can achieve a flyer that is accurate in terms of its message and details, scheming the subject-matter that you want to incorporate into your Black Friday flyer is a need for you. This process would only take you in just a matter of time. All you need to do is determine the idea that you want to convey to your particular audiences, segment it, and translate it into the sheet. Upon undergoing this process, make sure to keep everything intact. Don't segway to other irrelevant messages and see to it that your flyer's message is coherent.

2. Incorporate a Flyer Motif

The same as other advertising material, like posters, you need to see to it that your desired flyer can spark the interest of one's eye. By mean of "spark an interest," you have to make sure that you can incorporate a creative theme into your promotional flyer. Since you aim for a Black Friday flyer, opting to have the generic design scheme of black and white themed can be your resort. However, so that you can appear different against your potential competitors, pick a motif that would integrate uniqueness into your material.

3. Establish your Flyer's Size

In creating one promotional flyer, one of the aspects that you need to consider is choosing the right flyer size. Aside from you can quickly determine the type of papercut that you can use to your flyer, establishing the right flyer size also allows you to estimate the amount of content and design that you can integrate into your layout. For your reference, here are the flyer sizes and formats that you can utilize: A4, A5, A6, and DL (dimension lengthwise).

4. Add, Rescale, Sort

After achieving all the necessary steps that would complete your Black Friday flyer creation, now is the time wherein you can play its layout through a design software. The first thing that you need to do upon doing this procedure is to add all the essential graphic elements, such as the font, color scheme, illustration, and high-resolution images. You can freely rescale all the elements and make sure that everything follows the right design balance.

5. Resort to Templates

For you to avoid the hassle of creating one flyer along with the rush of the Black Friday sale, consider utilizing a ready-made flyer template files. Sorted above this guide is the wide array of sample flyer templates that you can choose to download in your available devices. So check them out.

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