Bookmarks Word Templates

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How to Create a Bookmark in Word

A printed bookmark is a thin marker, A thin marker, frequently made of card, leather or fabric used to keep the reader's place in a book and to make it easy for the reader to backtrack to the last page of the book he/she has read. A bookmark can also be used as a promotional tool by entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers, event organizers, writers, and crafty folks. Other commonly used bookmark materials include paper, metals, silk, wood, cord, and plastic. With the help of a page flap, many bookmarks can be clipped on a page. Thus, this article will give you tips and tricks on making your bookmark, whether it is for personal or promotional purposes. Feel free to follow our guide and add other design features that you think will get the results you want. 

1. Microsoft Word

You need not worry about downloading or purchasing design software when you have Microsoft Word on your laptop. This program is not only for the sole purpose of creating documents. It can also be used in making designs and marketing tools. Word offers an ideal platform for beginning designs. You can easily add shapes, photos, and colors, just like any other design software. Microsoft word is helpful for amateur designers since it is easy to manipulate

 2. Layout

The first element to consider when making an effective bookmark is the layout. A simple layout that displays a focus on the design without sacrificing the readability of any text component embedded in the design itself is the right choice. A highly organized layout enables people to concentrate on the bookmark's content and not on any of the creative components.

3. Typography

A bookmark made for personal purposes does not need the right typefaces and lettering style; however, this is not the case when a bookmark is used for promotional purposes. Using good typography will make the bookmark standout. Always consider the presentation of each text component in the layout. All of these characteristics can assist produce a bookmark design that is more readable and convincing.

4. Visual Hierarchy

Despite the tiny size of bookmarks, considering how each graphics and text component is placed concerning other components in the design is still essential. Good visual hierarchy implies that all design components are balanced. For instance, you are creating a motivational bookmark; it makes sense that the quote or bible verse is at the front and center of the bookmark, whereas the creative components are only a boundary design.

5. Type and Size

The type of paper and printing size are always essential when making marketing material to make a good impression of the brand, product, business, or campaign. For example, you are making a Father's day bookmark; then it is best if you use a thick paper and cardstock when printing to make it last. Lastly, a bookmark has three popular sizes you can use. These are  sizes 2" x 6", 2" x 7", 2.5" x 8.5".