How To Create a Cancer Flyer in PSD

As of 2018, the global cancer issue is expected to worsen. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 18.1 million new cases and 9.6 million cancer deaths worldwide. In the United States, cancer greatly affects millions of men and women. Cancer statistics in the U.S. shows that there are approximately 1,735,350 new cancer cases reported and 609,640 Americans died. With the alarming development of the disease, various health advocates are raising awareness and convening to fight against the cancer epidemic.

Below, we outlined useful tips and easy-to-follow instructions on how to make and design a winning cancer flyer that will help your cancer campaign and advertisements stand out.

1. Decide for a Communication Objective

Communication objective helps you define your entire message. Not only that, but also it gives you a clearer vision of your goal. Before you create a design for your flyer, come up with a relevant communication objective. Are you planning for a breast cancer awareness program or campaign? What relevant information, attitudes, and practices do you want to impart to your target audience? Sample questions like these will help you formulate a concise objective and benefit statements that your readers want.

2. Identify your Target Audience

Along with planning for a communication objective, know your target audience. Think about socio-demographic characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, and the like. For instance, hosting a fundraising event for women; commonly, your target audience will be women, especially those who are cancer patients or cancer survivors. That way, you can decide on what to focus on your message.

3. Write a Compelling Content

A well-written content provides readers a chance to understand your message fully. Let them grab that opportunity by making your content simple and engaging. For example, you are promoting cancer care and treatment hospital services, aside from providing basic details, include brief information about your service. Make your advertising flyer an informative handout. Additionally, strike a snappy headline and a provocative call-to-action statement.

Avoid using pretentious terms—translate jargon into words that your readers can easily understand. Just a tip: Use san serif typefaces for body text and serif for headlines.

4. Design your Flyer

Design elements give more sense to the message. These are focal points to draw the readers' attention. Create a design that emphasizes your theme. If you are designing a creative flyer for your breast cancer awareness program, pink, ribbon, and feminine designs can be applied. Make sure that your focal point guides the readers to the gist of your message. Add relevant images and illustrations. Readers can easily understand what your flyer is all about when there's a visual component.

5. Download an Appropriate Template

You may think it's time-consuming to create your desired cancer flyer from scratch, especially when you want to have it immediately. Check out our sample flyers above this article. Look for design ideas and inspiration to come up with an original design. Download, open, and customize it in Adobe Photoshop and other accessible file formats. Once you're done, proofread and print. Utilize high-quality paper stocks to ensure durability. Finally, distribute your flyers in areas where your target audience are located.

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