What Is a Comment Card

A comment card (also known as comment slip) is a paper document wherein customers give their feedback about a business's products or services. Such feedbacks are specifically called customer comments and guest comments (for hotel businesses). The most common type of comment cards are probably the ones we encounter from restaurants wherein comment about their food and drink menus.

How to Create a Comment Card in Adobe Illustrator

Whatever type of business you have, it's essential to give your customers a chance to air out their concerns and praises regarding your products and services. You may create a satisfaction survey. But often, the best tool for that is a comment card. So without further ado, we have gathered a few tips to help you create an effective comment card for your business.

1. Utilize Adobe Illustrator

There is a lot of software such as MS Word that you can utilize for the creation of your comment cards. Adobe Illustrator should be among your choices. Why should it be? Adobe Illustrator is known for its capabilities of creating elegant designs of brochure documents, flyer documents, and large posters. With that fact, it is more than capable of producing a comment card with quality design. So why not choose it.

2. Attach Your Business Logo

Your comment card is an official document owned by your business. To solidify that, what you must do is attach your business logo on it. You should place it at the upper-most part of the comment card. If you use Adobe Illustrator, then this should be a quick and easy process.

3. Ask The Right Questions

To obtain the right feedback from the customers regarding your products and services, what you must do is ask the right questions in your comment card or printable survey. In general, you should ask about its quality, pricing, quantity, and delivery speed (for services). The usual choices of rating for products and services are the following: excellent, good, average, needs improvement, and unsatisfactory.

4. Create a Table

For the questions and choices of rating, it's best to place them inside a table you've created. In this way, your simple survey or comment card will look neat and organized. Plus it'll be much more comfortable and convenient for your customers to navigate around it.

5. Provide a Blank Space for Customer Suggestions

Some customers want to express their specific suggestions regarding your products and services. For that reason, you must provide a blank space below the table of your comment card or survey form. By doing this, you can obtain a lot of ideas on how you're going to improve the quality of your products and services. Thus meeting customer needs and wants.

6. Use Templates

To save time and hassle in creating a comment card from scratch, you should consider using printable card templates for comment cards. Many of them are available for download on the internet, especially here in Template.net. With their aid, what you only need to do is attach your business logo and make slight modifications if necessary. Note that you may have to learn how to use design and word processing software tools in order to edit any pre-made template.

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