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How to Create a Comment Card in Apple Pages?

A comment card is commonly used by companies to gain customer feedback or customer comment about the goods and services that they provided. This card acts the same as survey forms which give a suggestion to the particular business establishment — hotel or restaurant, for example — on which aspects they need to improve. According to a survey in 2011, the number of Americans with the willingness to spend more with businesses that they believed to give an exemplary customer service is 7 out of 10. Therefore, providing customers with good service and creating transparent and fast transactions will gain their trust and make them spend more than usual.

Thus, we provide you some techniques and guidelines that will serve as your aid in creating a comment card in Apple Pages.

1. Contemplate

The thing with contemplation is that it buys you time to give careful thought into the current situation and come up with the best options for your benefit. Thus, you may gather your people and together, discuss the things that are noticeable and commonly used by customers as well. Evaluate your establishment from the facilities to the employees, then decide what to put in the card.

2. Utilize Apple Pages

Download a comment card template from our website and launch Apple Pages right after. Start making the design of your card. However, there is no need to design in a fancy manner because this document is not the same as posters where you really have to make appealing to promote. Plain colors, simple borders, lines, and clip arts are all it requires. Just make sure that these humble elements create a perfect whole.

3. Complete your Layout

Finish your layout by placing the details. Comment cards do not contain the same information as greeting cards. The details of the former are professional and appealing while the latter contains a casual and personal message. That said, set a formal but polite tone in writing. Enter a short instruction, the words of appreciation, the questions, the rating options, the comment/suggestion lines, and a place for customer details — but make it optional.

4. Make Finishing Touches

To make sure that your document is flawless and ready to fulfill its purpose, take the time to polish it. Evaluate the design and content thoroughly. See if there are typographical errors or contradicting design elements. If there aren't any errors but you think that it lacks something, add some finishing touches into it to make it exquisite enough.

5. Save and Print Thereafter

Secure a copy of your file by saving it. On Apple Pages' taskbar, click File then Save as. A window will pop up afterward asking you to select a location for your file, select one and viola! Your document is already saved. The next thing that you need to do is to print your comment cards. You can do mass production if your budget can handle it.