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How to Make a Comment Card in PDF

A comment card is where your customers, clients, or employees show their remarks about your company, products, or services. It basically improves customer service by asking for any feedback, comments, and complaints.

Excellent customer service is one way to boost up your sales. One way to improve your business marketing strategy is to understand your people's needs. Gather great suggestions from them using comment cards. In this article, you shall know and understand how to create a good comment card in PDF.

1. Identify the Information You Want to Include in Your Card

Comment cards are used in almost every business to improve customer service. Its questions can vary depending on where you use it, may it be in restaurants, salons, hotels, libraries, weddings, or coffee shops. What's important is you provide the details of the institution or business in your printable card. If you plan to make a customer service comment card or a restaurant comment card, you need to showcase your business identity and company details.

2. Emphasize the Areas You Want to Improve Upon

There are a lot of factors you need to keep an eye on when running a business. The prominent areas are the quality of your products and services and their prices. Were you able to meet the standards of your customers? Did your employees show proper conduct transacting with your customers? Is your place hygienic for your customer's satisfaction? Emphasize the areas you want to improve and indicate the number of questions you want to include in your comment card or survey form. Make sure it's brief but accurate in hitting your purpose.

3. Organize Your Cards' Content

Now that you have formulated the questions you want to ask from your clients, it is time to organize your content. Indicate your company's details in your comment card. Add your questions; it is best if you design it as a checklist form. Then, add a portion for your customers to write their comments and feedback. Provide the date and time when the card was filled out, you may or may not include your guest contact information if they do not wish to disclose who they are.

4. Choose a Format for Your Comment Cards

With our modern digital lifestyle, customer comments and feedback are easier to grasp. Social media, websites, and emails made it easier for your customers to channel their messages to business owners like yourself. You can choose to use the traditional way of distributing your comment cards by inserting them in dinner checks, printed menus, brochures, and pamphlets, or you can place them in areas where your customers can easily see it. On the other hand, you can use social media and online surveys to distribute your comment cards.

5. Attend to Your Customer's Complaints and Suggestions

Now that you have gathered customer feedback through a satisfaction survey or comment card, you can now determine the right marketing strategies to improve your services. Now that your customers communicated their suggestions or complaints, it is time for you to take necessary actions. Attend to their complaints and make them feel that you are genuinely concerned about them.

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