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How to Make a Comment Card in MS Publisher

A comment card is a tool that gets the thoughts of the customers for specific goods and services. It answers what the guests or customers felt to the given service by the company. These printable cards are highly beneficial for businesses as it gives feedbacks to what they do best and to what they can do better. It tells them the reviews of the consumers and helps them acknowledge their flaws and what they need to change in terms of the goods and services. So here are the steps in making a comment card in Publisher.

1. Determine the Goods and Services

There are many goods and services that customers may comment on. The most common services that give comment cards are restaurants, hotels, spas, customer service, food service, housekeeping, and many more. Determine which goods and services you are offering. And create survey form questions based on this information.

For example, when making restaurant surveys or comment cards, you can request comments on the food, food service, delivery service, the management, and more. So it is significant to be specific with the service. You can also choose more than one service for them to comment on. What matters is the actual comment card to state what the company needs feedbacks on.

2. Envision the Format and Design

Even if comment cards are, mainly, just a piece of paper, the format and design are still essential. Think about the survey format that can easily be understandable by the consumers. It can be in checklist format, ranking format, or a simple fill-in-the-blanks format. Choose a format that people can quickly answer without taking too much of their time. The downside of a lengthy and complicated comment card is the customers would feel like it is unnecessary and takes too much time and energy to read and answer. So make it simple and straightforward. Avoid making them write too much; let them answer briefly yet frankly.

3. Format and Design the Comment Card

To concretize what you just envisioned, open MS Publisher and start making the comment card. First, resize the blank paper. The standard size of a comment card is 3.5 inches x 2 inches. Then, decide the format orientation whether you want it n portrait or landscape mode. After that, design the comment card.

Comment cards do not need extravagant designs, but you can still be creative. All it needs is a simple border or colors that signify the company. Insert the company name along with the company logo, address, and contact information. Then, put the request. Insert a sentence that instructs them what they need to do. Lastly, write the survey along with the planned format. You can also give space for the customers to write their names and information.

4. Wrap Up and Print

Review your newly-made comment card and look out for errors and misspelled words. Make sure that the satisfaction survey questions are answerable and visible to the service. After setting everything up, you can save and print the comment card.

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