How To Create A Place Card In Microsoft Word

A place card shows which table each guest is allocated to sit at during such events as a tea party, wedding, banquet, or at a corporate event. Place cards can also act as an identification card for guests to become acquainted with each other. This easily allows other guests to identify by name all the others seated on their table. A place card typically contains the guest's name and table number. Oftentimes, it comes with some design to add style and elegance. This article will teach you how to produce your place card in five simple steps.

1. Determine The Number Of Guests

Before creating a place card for your event, make sure that you've determined the number of guests attending. It is necessary to identify the number of guests, as this can tell you the exact number of cards to be printed and sent together with the invitation card. It will be a waste of time, effort, resources, and money when you overproduce your place cards.

2. Use Microsoft Word

There are numerous design programs readily available online. If you think that Microsoft Word, an app just lying on your computer, is only for creating documents, then you are absolutely wrong. Microsoft can also be a great graphic design software that you can use in making your graduation, thanksgiving, or wedding place cards. MS Word allows you to do so much more than just inserting and placing graphics. It has sufficient features to make some nifty page layout. Do some experimenting with its tools and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the many things it can do.

3. Design The Place Cards

You need to detail the design even if it's just a table place card. Your place card should not look dry or just some piece of paper folded into a table tent. Custom name place cards that complement the party's theme have become very popular. For instance, if the wedding reception is spring-themed, the place card should have some flower and butterfly designs or backdrop. There will be events that will utilize the place card as a menu. You need to design your place card accordingly as well. Don't make it too tacky.

4. Write The Name Of The Guests

You've already identified all your guests, so you won't have a problem writing their names. The names of the guests should be complete. Use an elegant typeface or use calligraphy when engraving their names. Try to avoid using black color for the names. Use silver or gold instead to give off an elegant look.

5. Print

Print your place cards with the the corresponding number of guests that are expected to attend. One of the best things about using our templates is they are all print-ready in either your home, office or commercial printers. Once you've finished putting the finishing touches on your place cards, you can finish printing in just a few minutes for a convenient and hassle-free experience.

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