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What is a Care Flyer?

A care flyer is a printed marketing material that includes targeted messaging about a business that provides health care services or those that operate in the health and wellness industry. These establishments can range from skincare clinics and hospitals to spas and pet shops.

Its main purpose is to provide information and lure customers to visit and/or try out the different services or products offered by the brand. This form of direct marketing has steadily been gaining ground in the last few years as businesses grow more confident in the economic climate. A reported 0.04% growth in print marketing is expected until 2020.

Whether this growth rate proves to be true in the next few years or not, it is in the best interest of marketers and business owners to restart and/or optimize for a new type of flyer marketing campaign.

How to Create a Care Flyer

care flyer template

We’ve compiled a few flyer-making steps below to help you jumpstart your own print advertising campaigns.

1. Connect Your Brand Image With Your Flyer’s Theme

An effective advertising flyer should both be informative and visually appealing. Create this for your own care flyers when you choose a flyer design that connects with what your business stands for. Doing this signals authenticity that most customers will appreciate.

2. Add High-Quality Photos

Appeal to people’s visual nature by using only high-resolution and well-composed images and illustrations on your healthcare flyers. Using high-quality photos also lets customers have an idea of what a product or service looks and feels like.

In a similar way, you may also add the photos of a celebrity endorser is can vouch for the effectiveness of products and the quality of service that your establishment offer.

3. Use Bold Typography

Text is another essential component of any printed marketing tool. Choose your typefaces carefully. Avoid more than three different kinds of typefaces in one template design.

Good flyer typography also means that you choose the font sizes well. Make sure that your flyer’s main message or CTA is visible from a distance. Potential customers do not have to squint just to read and understand what your business flyer is for.

4. Include a Call To Action

An effective Call To Action can be a word, phrase, sentence, image, or a combination thereof that persuades a reader to do something about what they have read on your service or event flyer. The sooner that action is, the more effective your flyer becomes.

CTAs can be discounts on your skincare services or a freebie. You may encourage customers to buy something or you may just ask them to like your Facebook page. Develop calls to action that matches your marketing campaign. And, don’t forget, place them as prominently as possible. This way, it will be the first thing that a customer sees when handed out the care service or product flyer.

5. Combine With Other Marketing Techniques

Successful print marketing campaigns are holistic ones. Therefore, to see a greater effect on your business’ cash flow, it is best to combine them with digital and social media marketing strategies.

You may capture a potential customer’s attention when you hand out your care flyers. But to follow-through, you need to find the same customers online (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) or through email newsletters.

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