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What Is a Carnival Flyer?

A carnival flyer is an advertising handbill that promotes carnival-themed events and activities. It is beautifully designed and incorporated with the use of graphics and illustrations that are mostly carnival or circus-related. These types of flyers can be used to advertise different events and occasions that are mostly carnival-themed such as masquerade parties, birthdays, and reunions.

How To Create A Carnival Flyer

carnival flyer template

A typical carnival involves public celebrations, such as parades, street parties, and other forms of entertainment that combines the elements of a circus. In these types of events, individuality and unity of each participant are showcased through elaborate costumes and masks. Nowadays, different school and summer events make use of carnival-themed parties. And if there are parties like this, then there should also be carnival flyers to distribute in order to invite more guests. We have provided you some helpful guide steps below on how you can make one.

1. Make A Layout

Crafting an alluring and creative flyer starts by laying out its overall look. By doing this, you will be able to arrange coherently all the important details that must be directly spotted by its reader. Changes and adjustments can also be made easier now if you make it a habit to layout every single piece of detail and graphics before you input it directly into any flyer maker.

2. Make A Guest List

Any type of party whether it's spring carnival party or school carnival party should always prepare a guest list. This list is a set of invited names that are only allowed to join the party. This is usually done by every party organizer in order to manage and control the number of people in the party. In some instances, this is usually done for security purposes as well.

3. Provide Clear Details

Every kind of event has it's corresponding event details, these details are the basis of the what, when, and where queries of the guests. It is important that you present every piece of these details clearly so that it can easily be understood by its reader. As much as possible, observe coherence arranging these details. Highlight and outline the most important ones so that they can easily be spotted and noticed.

4. Choose A Flyer Size

Sample flyer sizes often vary. The standard size for a typical flyer usually comes around 8.5 x 11 inches. Other format sizes include 5.5 x 8.5 inches for half sheet flyers, while for larger sizes the most applicable size format to use is 11 x 17 inches. Try to choose a flyer size that you think is more convenient and handy for your customer's reference.

5. Plan Activities

When organizing an event or party of any kind, it is important that you don't bore the hell out of your guests. To avoid doing so, try thinking of any unique carnival party ideas that would surely excite everyone in the room. You may also state all the different activities that you have planned for that day in your simple flyer so that your guest would be much more excited to attend and participate in the activities.

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