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How to Make an Attendance Certificate in Adobe Illustrator?

Employees or students strive hard to gain an award — especially in attendance. What great way to motivate them? Through an attendance certificate. An attendance certificate is an award given to those outstanding people with outstanding performance in attendance. There are variations of an attendance certificate such as student, teacher, employee, and more that you can award. To make one here is a helpful article that lists the steps on how to make an attendance certificate.

1. Check your Data

Before formulating your attendance certificate, scan through your attendance sheet status. Confirm those individuals who showcase an outstanding performance in their attendance. List their names, position, and days of attendance (monthly or annual). Afterward, proceed with the next step.

2. Formulate your Letterhead

If you are making for a company attendance certificate, formulate your company letterhead. If existing, you can indicate it in your attendance certificate. A letterhead is composed of the company's name, logo, address, and contact details. It is an essential part of the certificate as it signifies your brand, so make it flawless.

3. Indicate Recipient's Essential Information

Every certificate has its identification due to the recipient's names. Include the full name of the benefactor and the award given. Refer to the list you made on the first step. If you are making an attendance certificate for a conference, seminar, or meeting, take note of each participant and do not miss out on someone. But if you are making a perfect attendance for a company or school, refer to your timekeeping and pick out people with perfect attendance whether it is weekly, monthly, or annually. Bold the recipient's name for highlight.

4. Formulate the Content

After the recipient's information, focus now on the award itself. Identify as to what is the sole purpose of the certificate — perfect attendance. The content must contain the company or event's name, the date of award, and the location. You can also include a congratulatory speech and other details you want to add. Also, use uppercase or bold letters to highlight important information.

5. End your Certificate in a Good Note

Who would want to receive a fake and illegitimate certificate? To certify your attendance certificate, indicate a specific spot for authorization signatures. Include the name and positions of the people in the administration. It would guarantee that the certificate is legit and notarized. It would be a big embarrassment to issue an unauthorized certificate to your participants, employees, or students.

6. Make Use of Adobe Illustrator

After performing these crucial steps, make use of a practical software application — Adobe Illustrator. It is the most popular certificate maker that you can use to make your business documents needs. It is user-friendly that beginners can freely and easily use. Make your certificates, business cards, letterheads, resume, and many more using Adobe Illustrator. After making your attendance certificate into the Adobe Illustrator, print it in a high-quality paper stock and distribute it afterward.