How to Create a Change Management Flowchart in Google Docs

Changes in your organization are normal. However, depending on your organization's current situation, you are either changing for the better or for the worse. According to the website Forbes, organizations fail to achieve their objectives due to their poor organizational culture and change battlefield fatigue. Nevertheless, you can avoid the worst-case scenario by preparing your organization for the future through consistent and efficient approaches in solving your problems. Create a change management flowchart and give your organization an excellent process roadmap to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Listed below are a few tips on how you may create your change management flowchart:

1. Analyze the Current Situation of Your Organization

In changing your organizational structure and project management, keep in mind to analyze the nature of your organization and its current situation. Review your stakeholder analysis and check your department performance. See to it that they are not disrupting the workflow in your office.

2. Identify What You Want to Improve

Identify and focus on the resources and individuals you wish to improve. Analyze and understand how your changes may affect your entire organization. Depending on your organizational needs, you can make an organizational change on your overall organizational chart or simply your departmental operations organizational chart.

3. Outline the Details of Your Change Management Process

After finalizing your decisions, outline your flowchart by arranging the change management process of your organization. Keep your flowchart concise and straightforward. Use keywords in presenting your data and use the right shapes for every action done in the flowchart.

4. Review, Improve, and Update Your Flowchart

Review your change management flowchart from time to time and adjust it per the needs of your organization.

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