Have you considered giving back? Your contributions and donations matter. And for most non-government organizations, it is always part of their mission to give back in any way possible. So, if you are starting a charitable organization, it is typical to start struggling. Especially in the rise of numbers in team members, you’ll need to establish a structure. And to manage every member’s responsibilities, explore our Ready-Made Charity Organizational Chart Templates in Pages. Get these files in A4 or US Letter sizes. Now, it won’t be a hassle to navigate tasks. By simply looking at the right tool, achieving the team’s mission is manageable. Download a template now! 

How to Make a Charity Organizational Chart in Apple Pages

Have you thought about the importance of giving? Used clothing, food, healthcare, and money; all these are valued tremendously. This is because the number of poverty-stricken communities is rising. According to the 2018 data released by the Poverty USA, there is 38.1 million U.S based citizen that suffer from poverty. To think, it is a lot of numbers to take note of. And so as this has become a worldwide alert, many organizations have formed. And eventually, these nonprofit organizations extend their hands to lessen the burden. In the limelight, to fully function and meet the team’s objectives and missions, a workplace hierarchy must be established. Other than that, this helps in dividing the responsibilities and duties of all the members.

So, get everyone to be informed. Provide your team with the right organizational structure. In helping you do this, below are some tips you can follow to create a Charity Organizational Chart in Apple Pages.

1. Know Your Organization’s Objectives

Charity organizations have different focus and functions. And to determine which falls best for your team, know your objective. An organization without a mission is purely irrelevant. And prone to making mistakes all over again. So, to get started, you may begin by creating a list of objectives. Talk to your team and determine if your organization focus on the mental health act. Or assess if building foundation with child care facility would be necessary. Truly, you can keep things manageable by gathering your team around. Doing this helps you identify your team members. Other than that, this helps create the positions and departments for the next step.

2. Arrange all the Departments

So, do you now have the list of departments that will form your team? If so, then organize them by major and sub-divisions. Organizations consist of many departments and positions. Commonly, the board members, fundraising department, executive directors, and managing directors. So, whether a large or small foundation, secure them by placing every position in its designated department. Generally, this helps in avoiding a cluttered chart structure.

3. Start Visualizing the Structure

For the benefit of the staff members, visualizing the structure is essential. This helps in giving a clear and understandable structure. Running late on your schedules? Avoid this circumstance. Choose to download a pre-made template. But where can you find some? Our website offers a variety of selections of Ready-Made Charity Organizational Chart Templates. By simply using your Mac, download the template and open it with the Apple Pages software. Start with the content right away.

4. Transfer the Details Accordingly

We suggest going back to the previews steps when visualizing the structure. It helps to have a note. Now, transfer the details. As a general rule, each box must contain one department or position. Plot them accordingly. Start from the top, then going down. Maintain a simple chart by using an easy to read font style. If you need to adjust the background colors, then do so. However, ensure to use a consistent color scheme. Lastly, place your organization’s logo right above the title of the chart.

5. Begin Functioning as a Team

Finish the chart by connecting all departments and positions accordingly. Use the arrow or line connector. But more than that, it is vital to recheck your document before printing. Checking can be done by someone else in the group. Assess on the spelling and sequence. Now, print samples. Gather the team and begin with the work right away!

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