How To Create A Gantt Chart in Apple Pages

A Gantt chart is a sort of bar graph or diagram illustrating a project timetable that is named after Henry Gantt, who invented the figure around 1910–1915. Gantt charts also demonstrate the relationship between the operations and the current status of a particular timetable. It is similar to a planner because it lists an array of a task, but unlike planners, Gantt chart is a visualize version of a planner. It contains a list of project, schedule, presentation, event, project plan, project schedule, or any task that a person has to complete their project.

Making a Gantt Chart will make your daily schedule more organized and will make your project finished quickly. So, why not create one? You do not need to worry because we have templates that are perfect for you. If you are having trouble on how to make it, then we got you! There are a few tips below that you can follow.

1. List Your Tasks

It is necessary to list all your tasks first before you start the layout of the chart. Write down all of your upcoming schedules and tasks, and if you have problems in listing all of it, you can look for our schedule templates for a sample. It will be easy for you to list your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for your project if you use our templates.

2. Consider Using Apple Pages

Of course, there is a lot of editing software that you can use when you make the Gantt chart. But, why not try Apple Pages since it is very accessible, especially to your Mac PC. The software is also user-friendly and has easy to navigate buttons, so you do not need to worry about familiarizing the keyboard shortcuts of the software. It also contains graphics and tables that will anchor you in lay-outing the chart.

3. Look For Gantt Chart Templates

Everything will be easy and convenient if you avoid starting from scratch. To achieve that, look at our Gantt Chart Templates above and download the one that suits your preferences and liking. Our templates have an eyecatching title with suggestive content so you won't have trouble with what to insert in the chart.

4. Insert Your Task Properly

The Gantt Chart would be useful if you arranged the tasks inappropriately. Make sure that you have inserted the task in the right place to avoid complicating the task or schedule. You can use our timeline chart templates as a guide in how to properly arrange the things in the appropriate timetable.

5. Use Complementary Colors

For an attractive yet simple chart, use colors to differentiate the categories of your task. But remember to use only six colors in order not to make your chart look too overbearing and irritating to the eye. Better use the complementary colors since these colors are formal and pleasing to look at. Also, use fonts that are readable so that you will not have a hard time reading the inputs of the chart.

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