How to Create Cocktail Party Invitations in Publisher

No one can really deny just how classy and highbrow it feels to attend a cocktail party. Events like these are always so suitable for a variety of evening gatherings, from business-driven soirees to casual nighttime socializing. But, before the drinks can start mixing, a bit of thorough preparation is in order.

If you need some help with your invitations, then have a look through our set of Ready-Made Cocktail Party Invitation Templates for your card-composing needs! Even if you might be a bit short on the artistic side, you won’t have to feel intimidated in designing your own party invites since our templates are crafted with hassle-free editing in mind. And it can all be done with just Microsoft’s streamlined Publisher program.

But, maybe you’re thinking that printed invitations are so corny and unfashionable these days. Even if invitations have been around since AD100 (according to, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Mailing or handing a physically-gorgeous party invitation presents care and effort to your preparations, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your upcoming get-together.

1. Have a Classy Eye for Your Matching Template

Have you taken a look at what we have to offer yet? There’s a healthy library of invitation designs to pick from, but you should take a bit of time to carefully choose which specific template to use. Our samples contain themes that range from holiday to business, so maintain a careful eye when deciding; after all, no host wants to embarrass themselves by using a picture of a Christmas tree for their summer cocktail invitation.

2. Design a Fashionable Party Invitation

Once you’ve got your hands on a cocktail party invitation template that lines up with your party’s taste/theme, start MS Publisher and make your own changes to the design’s overall aesthetic. Even if you’re not confident with your own editing skills, our templates are expertly-crafted to accommodate any proficiency level.

So, you’ve downloaded your template and got it looking good, but it takes more than a pretty face to impress your attendees. Pull up a thesaurus and sprinkle in some charming dialog about how your guests are being invited to a good night of drinks and mingling.

3. Use Other Ways to Keep Your Gathering Fantastic

Preparing and then hosting an event takes plenty of work to pull off well. So, consider other methods to help you out.

Having some trouble scheduling arrangements and working out your party’s budget? Try using a planner to sort things out.

It goes without saying that a cocktail party is gonna have a variety of concoctions for your invitees to indulge in. So, let them see what you’ve got to offer with a spiffy cocktail menu.

4. A Pretty Sleeve for a Pretty Card

After making any revisions to your initial draft and ironing out type-o's, your party invitation is ready to print and deliver. And, remember to prepare a nice envelope to seal them in. Welcome your guests with style and glamour with our Ready-Made Cocktail Party Invitation Templates!

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