How to Create a Coffee Shop Menu in Publisher

According to Daily Coffee News, there are a total of 35,616 coffee shops in the USA. Each of these coffee shops have different concepts and offerings to its target customers. Make your coffee shop menu in Publisher to stand out among the rest. Read our tips below in making one.

1. Do Research

Take some time to research what you have to offer to your customers. Research about the types of coffee. Make a list of the kind of coffee that you can offer in your menu. Don't forget to add details such as the milk options, toppings, and sizes of the cups. Include pastry selections along with coffee as well.

2. Create Layout

After doing research, it's now time to create the layout for your menu. Open a blank document in Publisher and choose a size for your menu template. After that, add your logo and company colors. You can put in some illustrations, such as coffee cups and pastry, if necessary. One of the best options for a menu design is chalkboard. Be creative in experimenting with background colors and designs until you find the right mix.

3. Put Content

Finalize your outline of coffee and pastry offerings, so you can put them on your layout. Have a uniform indentation for all the content that you need to put. Use a clean and readable font as well.

4. Add More Details

Don't forget to check your document and add more graphic design elements where these are necessary. Make sure that your modern menu looks appealing to the customers.

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