A few of the reasons people go to coffee shops are the food and drinks that are being served. A lot of people, to this day, enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee and perhaps a pastry. If you’re running a coffee shop and are looking to create a menu for your business in a convenient manner, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our Free Ready-Made Coffee Shop Menu Templates in Word for all of your menu-making needs. With its 100% customizability, you can add in your choice of style, color, and brand to your menu just how you want it. Available in Microsoft Word, you will be able to craft your menu in no time at all. Get your customers thrilled with your menu, and start by downloading now!

How to Create a Coffee Shop Menu in Word

According to Statista, the top-selling kind of coffee in the United States was dry coffee, which has made $9.37 billion, and liquid coffee made about $2.66 billion in sales. This goes to show that coffee is still a major product that is happily consumed in coffee shops to this day.

Microsoft Word is a great program to create a menu with, but if you have a few challenges in coming up with its contents, then here are some tips you can follow:

1. Choose a Cool Aesthetic

Make your cafe menu memorable by giving it a specific look or style. If your business has got a certain aesthetic to it, then you can extend it to your menu as well. For example, if your coffee shop has a minimalist theme to it, then perhaps add some cute patterns and stick to one color such as black. This is important especially if you’re looking to build a brand or signature look for your business. Your customers will surely have a lot of fun looking through your exciting menu.

2. Add In the Details

Some people would love to know about the things they order, so if you want to, you can allocate space to give brief descriptions of the food and drinks that you serve. For example, if one of your drinks is a cappucino, you can simply add below that it has espresso and made with steamed milk. Adding descriptions for the menu orders similar to a restaurant menu does for its dishes can also give your customers an idea of what they would like to have. But keep it short and simple though as no one likes a menu with a lot of words!

3. Mix Up Some Photos

When people see what the food and drinks look like, it will entice them, even more, to order from your menu. So go right ahead and add a few photos into it. Our templates allow their inclusion thanks to its hassle-free features. Take time to check if the photos/graphics are not too big or they will steal the attention of the reader from the written text, which isn’t great for a menu. Also, be careful about the placement of the images in case they make the words difficult to read by overlapping them.

4. Proofread before Printing

Before you go print out your menu, be sure that it is absent of any mistakes. Check whether the images and the words are placed in the right spots. Look if the text in the coffee list and dessert menu is readable, and customers can understand it as well. Have a friend check it and see if it is good. No matter how creative the menu is, the mistakes can still turn customers off. When you’re done checking, you can go ahead and print it out, ready for all your customers to see.

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