Contractors can accommodate construction needs with a well-written bid proposal. It helps them get jobs by painting a picture of their intentions and outlining goals. However, making a proposal that is both informative and convincing is quite a challenge. To create a more persuasive impact, consider these easily editable Construction Bid Proposal Templates. Even though a proposal like this covers a wide range of situations that can be anything between commercial and residential, it will be easier with our professional templates. Download now!

How To Write a Winning Construction Bid Proposal

Spending over 11.4 trillion US dollars in 2018, construction remains on top as a revenue-generating industry worldwide based on a report by Statista. But how does the industry secure an integral footing after the declining post-recession construction? Any service-oriented proposal’s goals are the same: introduce your firm, highlight your services, describe the costs, and convince a potential client to do business with you. That said, a comprehensive bid proposal is a construction firm’s vital part. Here is how you can write one:

1. Target a Specific Client

A good construction bid proposal should be targeted to a specific client. It must be tailored to that client’s needs. So, collate all the client’s information and use this to write the proposal. Understanding their needs firsthand will put you ahead of the competition, especially when there are competing bids.

2. Write an Executive Summary

Whether simple or complex, a construction project’s bid proposal needs an executive summary. A comprehensive executive summary prepares readers for what is ahead of them, and it is a condensed version of your bid. This part is all about understanding a potential client’s requirements, goals, and desires. It may also include a short discussion of restrictions and limitations you are aware of.

3. Identify the Scope of Work and Work Schedule

In construction projects, most conflicts arise in the specification. To avoid that, identify the scope of work and work schedule in your document. Some clients think that you agreed with doing something that never was in the proposal. So, state the commencement date and how long the project will take too.

4. Highlight Your Services and Qualifications

A potential client might not know who you are and the things you can do. It makes sense to highlight your services and indicate qualifications on the agreement proposal. You may be the best company for the job, but you can be ignored with actual services and facts. You should pay attention to evaluation criteria, too, as it heightens the proposal’s conversion rate.

5. Describe the Costs

It is a tough challenge writing a bid proposal for being in the business. Even professionals who write project proposals for a living feel the same way. Take note: no two construction proposals are alike like two construction projects are different. That is why your proposal should describe the project’s costs to let the client know what comes across and what goes beyond the work scope.

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