Bid Proposal Templates

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Bid proposals are very nerve-wracking to make that's why we offer you our high-quality templates to help you save time so that you can focus more on writing your bid proposal. With our professionally designed proposal templates, we guarantee you that your target buyer will surely be attracted to your proposal just by looking at your template. Our templates are available in A4 and US sizes plus and formats like MS Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs its easily editable and fully customizable. What are you waiting for? We offer you everything you need with just one click. Download our template now and you will surely win the bidding!

What Is a Bid Proposal?

In case you are wondering what is a bid proposal templates, it is the account of products or services you provided to your client or buyer with the estimated cost. Most of the organizations submit bid proposals to its target company and even simple individuals. You have to create an effective bid proposal so that you will win the bid against your competitors.

How to Write an Effective Bid Proposal

bid proposal template

Creating a bid proposal for the first time might be an exhausting task for you because this type of proposal usually takes time in creating it plus it also includes a lot of brainstorming to create one. But, cheer up and set your worries aside for we will show you some tips and tricks on how to make an effective bidding event proposal to help you win the bid against your rivals. Here are some five steps to consider: 

1. Read the Details of the Project

This is the cardinal rule to consider upon writing a business proposal: read the details written carefully and understand the buyer's desire. Pay attention to every detail even those you consider the small and insignificant ones. According to, you must read carefully the details twice or thrice so that you may be able to have a deeper understanding of what does your client truly wants.

2. Do Some Research

Before you start writing your bidding proposal, do some extra research about the whereabouts of your buyer. You may research the company's background, its history, its details, and the feedback from the previous providers because in that way you will know if your target market or the company is worthy enough to put in some sweat and effort.

3. Write the Description of Your Product

Properly state the full product description or the services you are offering so that they will know the price, the benefits, etc. For instance, you are offering a coffee so you must state its nutrition information, the ingredients used and other important details and labels that need to be included.

4. State the Advantages of Your Offer

It's very important to state all the advantages of your product so that your buyer will say yes to your offer! Don't forget to use persuasive words in your bidding or sales proposal because they are a great help in conveying your target buyer. State also the benefits they will gain in buying your product or services.

5. Proofread Your Work

Check everything that you have written. Don't embarrass yourself by having some mistakes in your document. Remember that you are competing with the others that's why you must make the best impression to your buyers. Proofread your work before you handle it to them so that they will easily be tempted to accept your offering. Always double-check the spelling of their names or their company. Check your grammar, the punctuations used and a lot more. Good luck and have faith in your bidding and we hope you will win the bid with our tips but if not, don't lose hope, just try again.