Construction Legal Templates

Whether You're Writing Simple Construction Documents or Legal Files Such as Contracts and Agreements, Makes Writing Quick and Convenient for You with Its Free Construction Legal Templates. With Multiple File Formats to Choose From, You Can Instantly Create General Contractor, Employment, and Independent Work Documents, and Completion Letters. Download One Today!See more

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  • The field of construction is considered one of the leading industries around the globe. Because of its contribution to the economy, it's no surprise that the number of construction industries has significantly increased across the years. If you're already in this industry, then you might notice that construction documents are a must. When you use our ready-made Construction Templates, so you won't need to make new ones from scratch. From proposals to contracts, you can find a template that suits your needs. They're customizable and available in various file formats. Grab one today and write a legal document that will help your construction firm!

    What Is a Construction Legal Document?

    construction legal template

    A construction legal document is a statement of any legally enforceable matters useful to the construction industry. 

    How to Create a Construction Legal Document?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there was an estimate of 7.29 million employees in the construction industry in 2018. This is because the industry has been continuously growing. The industry even creates $1.3 trillion worth of structures each year, according to Associated General Contractors of America. 

    With that said, construction legal documents refer not only to employment contracts but other materials, as well. To help you, here is a list of things to consider when you create your document.

    1. Start With a Template

    Constructional proposal template, construction contract template, and painting contracts—these are some of the templates you can download easily on the web. Choose one or more that are applicable to your circumstances.  

    2. Feature the Title  

    The title will emphasize what type of contract you’re getting yourself into. For example, a construction bid proposal, a general contractor contract, or whatever kind of contract you need. 

    3. Describe the Purpose of the Document

    The purpose of the document is a crucial part of the legal document you're preparing. It outlines expectations and specifies the scope of the material, whether it's a contract or a simple construction legal document. 

    4. Include Important Information

    This data includes, but is not limited to, cost or financial information, mutuality obligations, consideration, confidential information, and a lawful subject matter. You should make sure you won't miss any of the valuable information needed in your legal document. 

    5. Proofread

    Committing a mistake is normal. But letting one mistake slide in a contract or any legal document can mean trouble. Legal documents are supposed to be accurate and free of errors. Do proofreading before printing it. 


  • What is included in a construction document?

      A construction document to be effective should contain contract forms, conditions, specifications, and drawings. This document is legally binding so it’s important to consider all the necessary inclusions of a construction document. 

  • What are the five (5) phases of construction?

      The 5 phases of construction are:

      1. Initiation
      2. Planning
      3. Execution
      4. Monitoring
      5. Completion

  • What is the first part of a legal document called?

      The first part of a legal document can be called as a heading or mainly the title of the document. This part of your legal document will set an impression to the reader. So, make sure to avoid mistakes in this part.

  • What are the stages of construction management?

      Here are the different stages when in construction management:

      1. Pre-design
      2. Design
      3. Bidding Process
      4. Pre-construction
      5. Financial assistance
      6. Construction
      7. Occupancy

  • What are the four (4) types of construction?

      You may think that construction is just building a skyscraper. But it has various types. The most common types of construction are:

      1. Residential building construction
      2. Institutional and commercial building construction
      3. Specialized industrial construction
      4. Infrastructure and heavy construction