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How to Make a Construction Estimate?

construction estimate template

One way to make an organized estimate report is to use tables. To easily tabulate data, numbers, descriptions, and functions, use a spreadsheet. This will help you organize your construction estimate report. A spreadsheet can be accessed through software like Microsoft Office and Google Sheets. Here are the steps in making an estimate report more convenient. Simply follow this guide.

1. Assess the Project

To have assessed projects, of course, it needs an effective project manager. The project manager will engage closely with the work. He has to go in-depth to the work with the team and the organization. Take time to understand all of the things that will, directly and indirectly, affect the project in major or minor changes. Always eye the manpower, cost, and scope. If you keep track of these things, as a project manager or estimator, you will be able to make a good Construction Estimate Report.

2. Study Project History

In making a better project estimate report, you should study the previous estimate. With this, you will create a better report. Analyze all the information, data, task, and time so that the work will boil down to an overall level of effort. It's about being honest about the effort but not putting at stake the profit.

3. Project Management Process

After you've got a piece of good knowledge on who does what and how you need to solve the puzzle of the project. This time, see how the project's shifting parts fit together or could fit together. There may be companies with a stencil work process; if so, study that process. Know all your work locations and proceed to your estimate sheet.

4. Get to Planning

This part is starting the report flow in your head, or making a draft is helpful too. List out all of the steps that need to go into completing it. Don't miss out on even a single step, because every move counts in completing the Construction Project Plan. Don't hesitate to go back if a step didn't go well. Redo your actions if needed.

5. Estimate Projects with Gantt Chart

Finally, this part is the actualization of your estimate report. There are so many ways to ease up your construction estimate report making. And one way of making that possible is by using a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart will list the work and breakdown structure, then assign tasks and a timeline to your team. Also, with a Gantt chart, you will be able to distribute the resources and Construction Schedule the work to your team.

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