According to Statista, around 856,238 will operate daycare centers by 2021 in the United States. And as part of the operation, a daycare must also issue receipts to its clients. Receipts are pieces of evidence that a client has already paid for your offered daycare services. Aside from that, you also need receipts to track your daycare's revenues. But receipts don't have to dull-looking, because it's a part of your branding. So, choose from our ready-made Daycare Receipt Templates to have receipts that can professionally represent your business. Each template is 100% editable and printable. Download a payment receipt template now!

What Is a Daycare Receipt?

A daycare receipt is a receipt that a client receives after paying for all services the daycare center has provided him or her. This receipt is evidence that a payment has been made.

How to Create a Daycare Receipt

Start creating high-quality and professional receipts for your daycare center with the help of the tips below.

1. Insert Daycare Branding

You need to brand your receipt with your logo, name, address, and contact details. These details will help clients distinguish your document from other daycare centers and also give identity to your receipt.

2. Provide the Client's Details

Another essential detail your receipt needs is the client's information. All you need to do is to ask your client's for his or her name, contact information, his or her child's information, etc. and input them on the document.

3. Include the Services Provided

Thirdly, a sample receipt is a detailed document, so you must place the babysitting or child care services you've provided in it. Start by creating an itemized list of the services. Then, include the price, quantity, and rate of each service.

4. Write the Total Amount and Other Payment Details

On the fourth step, make sure to add the total amount of the services on the cash receipt and highlight it if you want. Aside from the total amount, you also have to include taxes and other additional payment details.

5. Make the Layout Neat

Another important rule to remember in making a simple receipt is to make it look neat. A neat and well-organized receipt doesn't only make the readability of the receipt better, but it also benefits your daycare center. And your clients can even assess if you're a reliable and trustworthy business just by looking at the receipt you gave them.

To keep your receipt looking neat, make sure not to use more than three typography. Check if you've equally used the spaces of your receipt. Lastly, ensure that all the information in your receipt are arranged and organized well.

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