Do you run a college or university? If so, then professionally made diplomas are necessary for awarding students who earn their degrees. And with our printable Degree Certificate Templates, you’ll have no problem putting together attractive designs in no time! By using our samples, you can easily implement logos, backgrounds, and other original design assets of your own. Plus, you can edit our materials using different applications (such as Microsoft Word). Go ahead and download now—use our templates to commemorate graduations in engineering, medicine, and other academic fields!

How to Make a Degree Certificate

Besides graphical design, the wording is also flexible in making an original certificate (as a Lifewire article points out). This makes Certificates perfect for covering a wide array of academic programs—art, science, education, and more.

New to designing a degree certificate? Not sure where to start? We can help you out with our tips just below!

1. Set Up Your Degree Certificate’s Size and Layout

Whenever you design a degree certificate, you need to start with the page’s layout. For the height and width, set it to 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 14”, or 11” x 17”. Landscape format is the typical layout orientation for certificate documents; however, portrait format is also viable.

2. Prepare Graphic Renders for Your Degree Certificate

To make your degree certificate look appealing, incorporate sleek and professional graphic designs. First, give your certificate a plain white background to maintain a formal aesthetic. Next, adorn the document’s borders with simple vector shapes.

3. Consider Your Degree Certificate’s Typography

Along with providing all the necessary details about the degree, its text also plays a part in making the award look pleasing. Pick font colors that complement the degree certificate’s overall design, using bright tones to highlight the most bits of the content (such as the degree title and the holder’s name). For font style, go with something that looks simple yet professional.

4. Apply Branding Designs to Your Degree Certificate

As a representation of your school or organization, your degree certificate’s visuals should stand out. To do so, utilize the institute’s trademark colors in the document’s font and graphics. To complete your design, add the logo in the upper section.

Did you finish reading our tips? Now you’ll have no problem designing degrees for bachelor, associate, master, or other levels! And don’t forget to download our Degree Certificate Templates for an even easier time with your content creation.

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