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What Is Digital Signage?

How To Create A Digital Signage Template?

how to create a digital signage templateFor businesses, creating value for your brand helps your company generate income, which in turn should equate to profit. By having a widely recognized brand and image, your business is poised to take the lead or should be holding the biggest share of the market or industry. Consequently, building your brand rests on traditional and digital marketing efforts. And with the level of advancement, a digital sign plays a major role in any branding and imaging efforts of any business. The following steps will help you create a cool and effective digital signage template for your business.

1. Make it Simple

It can be tempting to opt-out for very colorful signage and incorporate eye-popping graphics. However, it would be better if your content looks clean and simple. Be creative. Use a simple color scheme. Remember the rules in designing, dark-colored background and light-colored font or light-colored background and dark-colored font. Your basic labels should be clear. Make sure that your text must be easy to read from a distance.

2. Add Graphics and Designs

Your message should be supported by graphics and designs. Adding images is one way of drawing the eye of potential clients, especially if your offering products or services. By providing visual aids, your customers will understand what you're trying to sell better. Aside from adding your company logo, use your company colors to promote branding on your design.

3. Change your Content Accordingly

Providing fresh content on a daily basis is one way to keep your customers attention. For instance, if this is for a restaurant, you can do "Welcome! Our food menu for today is....", then change that to "Hurry, it's Friday! Come and enjoy our....." the following day.

4. Include Calls to Action

A call to action banner means to provide instruction to your digital sign that will provoke an immediate response from the audience. Examples are "Visit us today!" and "Find out more." Your CTA should start with an action verb to drive a sense of urgency and make your audience act fast. It's best to add this to the bottom part of your content.

5. Add your Social Media Accounts

People are always on social media, so make sure you add in your social media accounts for your customers to follow. You can add this to your calls to action. For instance, you can go with a tagline like "Look out for more promotions by following our Facebook page and Twitter account."

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