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What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a type of signage that uses projection, LED, and LCD to display or play images, business logos, graphics, webpages, text, or menus. This kind of display is very popular in public places where there are many people. The reason for displaying digital signage in places with high foot traffic is to create awareness for a particular brand, business, or company. Though very popular in businesses nowadays, digital signages are also used in non-business purpose to spread out campaigns or certain causes. Also, aside from printed marketing materials, digital signage is another form of strategic marketing that aims to promote products and services. 

How to Make Digital Signage?

Hearing digital signage for the first time may seem overwhelming, but making digital signage is not as hard as you think. Though you really need to learn how to use graphic producing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, or Indesign. Once you already learn how to manipulate a graphics editor application, you are ready you go head straight to making digital signage. Regardless of your knowledge in graphics and design, if you have the best to aid your task, then set all your worries aside. 

1. Gather All the Resources You Need

Before going straight to the actual digital signage, make sure that you are equipped with what you need to start the project. Aside from your idea inside your head, basically, you will need the best graphics editor out there. Use the one that you already learned, or you could learn another graphics editing tool. The point is you will be familiar with the tool that you are using so you will not have a hard time doing your project. Make sure that you will familiarize the editing application so it will be easy for you to make your task. 

2. Make a Concept for Your Digital Signage

Let's focus on your idea for the signage. Once you have something in mind, take note of everything that goes into your head. If your ideas are flowing, huddle them up. Though there are many references that you could look up on the internet, which are very convenient, having your own concept will make your signage unique and one of a kind. If you opt to look for inspiration online, do not copy a design because it will not make your signage special. 

3. Consult a Professional Graphic Artist 

Regardless of your knowledge in graphics and designs, we recommend consulting a professional graphic artist for your signage. Professionals know what t do, and they could give you digital signage tips. If there are aspects that you want to improve in your design, ask them which area you need to improve. Thereafter, make any alterations if necessary. 

4. Make A Temporary Draft of the Signage

Now that you have a handful of ideas to finish your digital signage make a draft base on the concept and the consultation you made. Make sure that your draft will look like how you want your digital signage in real life. Your temporary draft will allow you to make adjustments and fit everything right in. 

5. Make Use of a Digital Signage Template 

To make your task in making digital signage easier, use a template. A template has a suggestive content that you can customize however you want.