When we talk about animal loyalty, dogs are one of the front-liners we can think of. Because of this, some people have a soft spot for the man's best friend. That's why most dog owners care about giving their dogs certificates for different reasons. To help you, you can choose from this trove of high-quality Dog Certificate Templates in Publisher. These templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. These are available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. Choose the kind of dog certificate you want and personalize it in MS Publisher! Download one of these templates and parade the importance of dogs! 

How to Make a Dog Certificate in Microsoft Publisher

The human and dog relationship has been steady for centuries. The Atlantic states that dogs were the first domesticated animals. There is even a report that the domestication of dogs happened twice. With all this information, we can say that dogs and humans get along with each other well. In the same sense, there are a lot of people who love and care for their dogs. Most of these people want to make things legal and want to make their appreciation for dogs exceed to the next level. So, some people ask for dog certificates. These certificates can be a service dog training certificate, a dog certificate of adoption, a dog certificate of ownership, or anything alike.

The thing is, dog certificates are at your hands! You can make your own dog certificate easily by referring to the steps below:

1. Input Dog Certificate Wording

You need to have a certificate wording for the certificate. This way, people will understand what the modern certificate is about. But how you write the contents will depend on the kind of certificate you're going to make. Most likely, the certificate wordings have the same parts. They have spaces for the title of the certificate, the name of the dog or puppy, certificate description, date, and signature.

2. Add a Logo

Another essential part of the pet certificate is the logo. You have to place the logo in a space where it's visible. You can set it on the upper left, upper right, or top center of the certificate. A logo is going to signify the validation of the document. Another bonus is that people can also become familiar with your organization or business because of your logo.

3. Use Colors

To make your editable certificate better, you can add colors. You can use your organization or company color palette so that people can be familiar with it. However, you can also choose any color that you want for the certificate. Try to experiment with color combinations, or you can do your research about it. This way, you know what colors look good together. You can also put color on the borders so that your certificate will be pleasing to the eyes.

4. Limit Typographies

When you're making a simple certificate, you can try to use different typographies on the wording. But you have to avoid using more than three typographies. If you do, there can be a tendency your document is going to look unprofessional. Also, choose typographies that people can easily read and understand.

5. Organize the Contents

The custom certificate has to be precise. After all, it's written communication. One way to be clear is to organize the content. Arrange the information. Place the title above, and then, you can insert the essential details below it. Your details shouldn't be lengthy. Also, you have to use white spaces accordingly. The white spaces can be the guide of the people about where they can read next.

6. Use a Certificate Template

One of the fastest ways to make a certificate is to use a template. You can search for dog birth certificate templates, dog health certificate templates, and more. There is a lot to choose from. Then, you can download and customize the template. After that, you can now print and hand the certificate to the owner.

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