10+ Door Hanger Templates

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Need to leave a note by the door? You can use a good old plain door hanger, but why settle for plain if you can have a cool and creative door hangar. If you want to have a catchy, well-designed door hanger for marketing, you should check out our Door Hanger Templates. You will never have to create a door hanger from scratch, and there is also a lot of creative designs to choose from. Choose a sample of original, professionally crafted, ready-made templates that you can customize, download, and print. Use our templates to create a door hanger and leave a note by the door with style.

How to Create a Door Hanger?

There are many advertising media available for businesses—posters, billboards, flyers, etc. All of these are designed to advertise your company. However, real estate door hangers are primarily designed to inform people about what's on the other side of the door. A door hanger can tell you about the status of a real estate property. It could notify people if a room is occupied or not. The use of door hanger is not limited to its basic functions; these can also be used as a marketing tool.

Door hangers are simple but useful tools. You can create them with a little creativity and inspiration, as well as the imaginative use of computer software. If you want to know more about designing these marketing tools, you can check out the tips below.

1. Decide on What the Door Hanger is For

Although the main purpose of a door hanger is to tell people about what's happening on the other side, it can also serve other purposes. However,  you may choose to decide on what purpose your hanger will serve. If you know how your door hanger is going to be used, you will know what steps you need to take to plan it.

2. Select a Graphic Design Application

You will want your door hanger to be creative and visually pleasing. To make that happen, you can rely on graphic design applications like Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator. These applications have the necessary tools for photo editing and image rendering. They allow you to put visual assets together to make your door hanger presentable.

3. Design the Layout

You will need to design a layout before you put your door hanger together. A layout is the planned appearance of your final product. If you are having difficulties with your layout, then you should consult reference materials.

4. Gather Material

You might need to gather materials for your design—photos, unique fonts, themes, etc. Use your layout as your guide and don't just gather materials at random. After collecting the materials, you could put them together based on your design.

5. Finish and Print

After putting your door hanger together, you can ready it for printing. Choose good quality stationery you can afford and print it in high quality.

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