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What is a Drink Menu?

Generally, a menu is a list of food and beverages presented to guests or customers. A menu board is a helpful tool that navigates people to choose out their desired food and drink items. A drinks menu is specifically made to enumerate the drink items offered for the guests or customers.

How to Create a Drinks Menu

drinks menu template

Establishments such as cafes, bars, and restaurants serve up drinks for thirsty customers. To help out customers choose the best drinks, they should be handed out with a creative drinks menu. People go out to get drinks because they are either celebrating or contemplating life. Having a designated wine menu, cocktails menu, coffee menu, and other drinks is a good strategy to showcase your exclusive stash of such items.

Any drinks menu must be designed in an eye-catching and unique manner; bound to amaze every customer and visitor. Scroll through the items below, you might learn something new.

1. Conduct Customer Research

It’s ideal that you know certain data about your customers. Research about them and study their preferences and common choices through a target market analysis. Ask yourself for whom will your thirst-quenching drinks be served. Will it be for college students, professionals, businessmen, tourists, or all of the above? Through this step, you’ll have control over the kinds of drinks you need to store and serve, and of course on how you should layout the menu.

2. Layout Everything Creatively

Provide a separate menu for your drinks choices to allow customers and patrons to decide freely without any distractions. If not, allocate a section within the menu layout made for the drinks. Keep in mind that your menu design should channel the ambiance of your business establishment. For personal or occasional uses of drinks menu at weddings, holidays, and other celebrations, the design should not be limited because you still have to impress your guests.

3. Use Attractive Colors and Fonts

When choosing a font and colors, go for something that evokes emotions and associations. The careful and brilliant use of these design elements will help you create an effective drink or food menu. Also, see to it that everything complements with each other to avoid mismatch and clutter. A clean and creative design always wins.

4. Print the Menu with a Thick Card Stock

Always remember that you can print the drinks menu with your own printer or you may hire printing professionals to do it. Don’t forget to use a thick paper stock to make cards long-lasting and durable. Choose between glossy or matte paper finish, it adds flair and beauty to the menu. For a better customer reach and interaction, the drinks menu could also be converted to digital file format to be posted on your social media accounts.

5. Keep your Menu Updated

Your drinks or beverages should serve people according to the seasons. Keep your drink menu updated to continuously serve loyal customers on any season and time of year. As the seasons change, you should revisit your drink offerings. Always strive to keep your business afloat, party away and cheers!

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