Did you know that the celebration of Easter has its origin from a pre-Christian goddess in England? In fact, it is celebrated to welcome the spring season while other Christians honor this day to reminisce Christ's death and resurrection. Whatever your belief may be, you may want to celebrate this holiday with family, friends, and other people. To help you, check out our Free Ready-Made Easter Flyer Templates in Apple Pages. These are all easily editable and printable in your device anytime, anywhere! Get files available (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. What else are you waiting for? Have a joyful Easter by downloading this template now!

How to Make an Easter Flyer in Apple Pages

Easter is a significant day for Christians. It is a special day to celebrate and remember Jesus' resurrection from death. According to Statista, seventy-nine percent of Americans planned to celebrate Easter in 2019. Moreover, Forbes revealed that an average American spent $140.62 during this holiday, amounting to $16.4 billion in just a year. With the overwhelming returns from the last year's Easter celebration, we can say that a lot of individuals truly value this holiday. If you are planning to throw parties and Easter weekend events and invite others to celebrate with you, a tool is needed to get your message across. Below, we have provided helpful tips for you to create a compelling Easter flyer!

1. Know the Purpose of Your Easter Flyer

Begin with knowing the purpose of your planned Easter flyer. Are you preparing for a special Easter Sunday church service? Is your flyer used to invite people for an Easter egg hunt party? Or, are you throwing Easter weekend activities? Having your purpose determined will allow you to come up with a unique theme. Moreover, you can formulate a relevant Easter church flyer wording and a suitable flyer design.

Just a tip: Make your intention centered on the main essence of Easter. That way, you are giving more meaning to the event.

2. Collect the Needed Information for Your Flyer

You want your Easter flyer to be more engaging? Start it with how you construct your content flyer. Basically, flyers have almost the same parts. If you are opting to create an Easter party flyer, provide main details such as the theme or event name, date, time, and party location. Along with that, insert a brief message about the party. It gives readers an initial idea of what to expect in your Easter event. Draw your reader's attention at their first glance. Provide a catchy and bold headline. Moreover, include a clear call-to-action statement. Provide contact details. That way, readers will know where to reach out after.

3. Include Relevant Photos

Take advantage of the fact that humans are visual learners. Excite your readers with your flyer! How? Incorporate appealing images as your flyer background. These are focal points that will allow your readers to skim further. For instance, in crafting your Easter egg hunt party, add cute images of Easter bunny having Easter eggs. Or, you can insert other related artworks.

Just a tip: Since photos tend to get modified, always opt for 300 dpi high-resolution images, especially in your printable flyers. Avoid using pixelated and blurry pictures. Do not run the risk of losing their interest just because of irrelevant and dull presentations.

4. Arrange Text and Design Element

Just like your Easter poster design, consider the space and length of your Easter flyer. Use a consistent format to match your demands. That will make your flyer easy-to-follow and understand. Have a good start with opting for an 8.5" x 11" standard flyer size. To arrange detailed information, use bullet points, shapes, or borders. Prefer readable typefaces such as Serifs, Sans Serifs, and Hand Lettering. You may apply one to two font types. Moreover, utilize a color scheme that matches your overall flyer design—be it simple or a creative flyer.

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