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How to Make an Easter Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

Christians annually celebrate the resurrection of Christ. They call it 'Easter.' Statista says that there were 79% of Americans who would celebrate Easter in 2019. We can infer that many people plan and look forward to celebrating Christ's resurrection. People are also excited for the Easter egg hunt, which a company, a family, or a church can host. Since Jesus died for everyone, it's always fair to celebrate Easter together. One of the ways to encourage people to celebrate Easter with you is through flyers. 

If you don't have one yet, you can follow these easy tips below to making amazing invitation flyer:

1. Make It Attractive

You want to grab people's attention through the simple flyer, for sure. The thing is you can easily do that by making the flyer attractive. A flyer can be attractive through its colors, organization of its contents, its message, its photos, or its typography. So, you have to make sure that everything is in balance. As the flyer maker, you have to make it something that will certainly grab people's eyes. When that happens, people will surely read your flyer and may say 'yes' to your invitation. 

2. Add Colors

Colors can make anything beautiful. So, by the time you're making the flyer, never forget to put colors on it. When choosing the perfect colors for the creative flyer, you can try complementary colors. Don't only focus on one color, but find the colors that complement it. We don't want to overwhelm the readers with only one shade of hue. To add, you can use bright colors, too. But, you have to be cautious because bright colors can hurt the eyes. Choose the colors that fit perfectly to the celebration.

3. Keep It Organized

Who doesn't like looking at a well-organized visual? Most people do. So, your printable flyer should be orderly. You have to avoid clutter, or else people will have a hard time understanding the flyer message. You have to make sure that you place the contents where people can easily read them. You have to make sure that you accurately use white spaces as well. Make sure that everything is in balance.

4. Be Direct with Your Message

Flyers are communication tools. People should understand its message with a short glance. Never make the mistake of beating around the bush. Don't let people take a minute to comprehend what your holiday flyer is about. This way, people can positively respond to your invitation. To add, since it's for Easter, you may also put happy Easter sayings or happy Easter poems on the flyer just to make it a little more creative. 

5. Don't Forget a Call to Action

It's your goal to encourage people to respond to your invitation. You can do that by putting a call to action. It's important that you directly tell them what to do next after they have read the event flyer. This way, you can get your audience to respond.