It's always important to reward employees who've worked hard and have met or gone beyond expectations. That's they're usually given excellent employee appreciation certificates to show that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. With our Ready-Made Employee Appreciation Certificate Templates in Microsoft Publisher, you can easily make one whenever you need to. With the use of these free printable and exceptional products, you can show any employee just how much you appreciate them. These templates were created by our team of business professionals and expert graphic designers, meaning that you can guarantee their quality. Go on, download any of these exceptional templates and make your employees feel special today!

How to Create an Employee Appreciation Certificate in Adobe Publisher

According to information found on Harvard Business Review, happiness in the workplace increases sales by around 37% and productivity by at least 31%. This study shows that if an employee is happy, then he/she is willing to perform to the best of his/her abilities. So if you want to make your employees happy, creating an employee appreciation certificate template is an excellent way to do it.

1. Choose Your Materials Well

People won't appreciate it if they receive second-class certificates or invitations. Make sure you are creating a high-quality certificate by determining what material you should be printing it on. While you can always go with the standard Parchment paper, there are other options such as Linen or Granite that you can use.

2. Decide on a Color Scheme

Make sure that this type of document has a compelling and professional color scheme. You can check out samples of certificates to give you an idea of what colors you should use. Ideally, you'd want to go with warmer colors as those usually portray happiness and positivity.

3. Be Concise and Direct

After deciding on the color scheme, you can now start adding text. It would be best that whatever you write down sounds congratulatory, is straightforward, and is brief. Also, don't forget to include important text such as the name of the person being awarded and those of the people who are authorized to present the certificate.

4. Balance the Design

Lastly, balance your design. "Less is more" is the key. If you are giving these out on your company anniversary or any company-related event with a theme, you have to make sure that the design matches that theme. Don't clutter your certificate with too many images or graphical elements.

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