An estimate covers a wide range of activities from constructing a new building, installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), to repairing roof purlins. Although it is commonly associated with construction jobs, an estimate is also used in calculating the costs or budget of other services. Because this normally deals with numbers, it is important to have an Estimate Template that is professionally-made to avoid miscalculations. For your template needs, discover our collection of various ready-made templates and create an estimate that strives for accuracy!

Why is an estimate essential? A good estimate outlines a budget that clients can stick to as it provides a rational basis for providing the prices. After that, you must keep the costs on track. A faulty estimate can take a toll on an organization. For example, construction companies lose more than just money when an inaccurate estimate is used for a new project. Because of that, crafting an estimate requires more than just mathematics.

Planning is required in making an estimate. Make sure you conducted material take off to identify the prices of the tools and equipment needed for the project. Before proceeding, draft your estimate. Include tables to neatly organize the data. Then, divide the table into the name of the material, quantity, price per unit, and subtotal. You can modify this part if you are estimating costs for services. Add applicable tax and discount below the subtotal. Moreover, indicate the grand total when each cost is finalized. Now, download a template and modify it based on your draft using Apple Numbers.

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