Fast food restaurants provide satisfying meals to the masses through a quick and convenient service. Partaking in this business can prove to be very lucrative; however, to achieve this, you need to get the word out that you’re open to serve. Well, to help you advertise your food, we’re offering our professional Ready-Made Fast Food Flyer Templates for you to download! With our printable and 100% customizable templates, you don’t have to worry about making a flyer from scratch. These flyer templates are available in A4 and US letter sizes, easily editable in Apple Pages. Put together a tempting promotion with our Ready-Made Fast Food Flyer Templates!

How to Make Fast Food Flyers in Pages

In the US alone, the estimated yearly earning of the fast-food market is at about 110 billion USD. So, running a fast food joint can definitely be a profitable business but being successful will require some good advertising. By downloading our Ready-Made Fast Food Flyer Templates, you can put together some spiffy-looking flyers for promoting your business!

And don’t worry about deciding on an editing program to equip your Mac desktop with, Apple Pages is the perfect tool for the job. To find out more about what to do, just check out our comprehensive guide just below!

1. Install Apple Pages from the App Store

Apple Pages lets you edit our flyer templates in a simple yet efficient way. Plus, Pages is free to download, so you don’t have to needlessly spend money on it. To get your hands on Pages, visit Apple’s online App Store and download it from there.

In case you ever need to work on your templates while on-the-go, you can download and install Pages onto your favorite iOS device as well -- either on iPad or iPhone. Simply visit to get the appropriate version for your device. Pages even comes inherently compatible with Apple Pencil.

2. Download Your Flyer Template of Choice

Once you have Apple Pages downloaded and installed onto your Mac computer (or iOS device), take your pick from one of our flyer templates (on this page, above). After you’ve decided, click on your desired template’s thumbnail to open its respective page.

On the template’s page, click on the large download button and follow the provided instructions to save the template file to your computer or device’s storage. Be sure that you remember which spot in your storage that you saved the file to; renaming the template is also a good idea for remembering it.

If you’d like to know more about a template before downloading it, you can read through the page’s “Template Details” section. Click “More Details” to expand the list.

3. Run Apple Pages; Customize Your Flyer Design

After downloading your template, it’s time to open the file in Pages and get to editing.

Delete the placeholder text with all the required information for your advertisement (such as your food products, store hours, limited offers, etc). Come up with a bit of fun and witty dialog to use in your flyer; implementing some catchy wordplay can help get readers interested and make them better remember your promotion.

Looking for more ways to get exposure? Using posters to distribute and plaster around is another good endorsement tactic.

4. Save Your Edit and Print Out Copies

When you’re done doing all the necessary alterations to your template, don’t forget to save your work. Print as many copies as you need and they’re ready for handing out to potential customers!

With your flyers sorted, have a look at our food menu template samples and create some eye-catching displays to showcase your delicious meals on. Whether you’re serving fries, burgers, or pizzas, you can easily encourage appetites with the help of Apple Pages and our plethora of food-oriented templates!

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