How to Make a Professional Fax Cover

Fax machines never get old. According to International Data Corporation in a recent study, fax usage increased by 82% for the past year in most offices, leaving only 19% of fax usage went down. Also, faxing documents is a strong medium to stay away from cyber anomalies that emails are vulnerable to. When you opt to fax your documents, a fax cover sheet will be needed to clarify our recipient of what they will be getting. Here are quick and smart ways of writing a complete and professional fax cover.

1. Very Basic

Of all the documents, fax covers are one of the documents that do not need to be rich in colors and graphics. As a matter of fact, it greatly demands to have negative or white space for the whole sheet document. Its content is what matters only. Focus your best to be exact in your fax cover details. You can retain the classic font style and size such as Arial, Calibri and similar.

2. Letterhead at the Top

It is a requirement to input a letterhead in a fax cover. The letterhead design must contain your company name, address, contact and fax number, and other means of connections such as a website or email address. Compared to other business documents that have letterheads, your fax cover's letterhead must be simply printed.

Artsy layouts with extravagant graphics will not be necessary for this kind of document. Your company logo is even enough to provide the right amount of color and graphics your fax cover needs.

3. Well-organized Data

Clearly and accurately write down the fax document's recipient's name, their fax numbers, phone numbers, and the subject line. Also, it is important to indicate thoroughly where the fax came from by showing the name who sends it. Indicate also the number of sheets been faxed for rechecking purposes. Remember, the number of sheets you faxed and a fax cover sheet is the total number of sheets that must be filled out there. The date the sheets are faxed is also a requirement in a fax cover. Using colons are advisable for a more clean and organized look. Your company or organization may also have a standardized sample form or sheet that you use to send all fax documents.

4. Notes at the Bottom

If there is a necessity for the recipient to do an immediate response from the faxed papers, indicate space below for further instructions. Be clear in your message. As much as possible, go straightforward when directing your instructions. The simpler the language, the better.

5. State its Confidentiality

At some unfortunate point, you may have faxed your documents to the unintended recipients. Extra care must be taken especially that some documents are classified to be in utmost confidential such as a sensitive medical record or financial or bank records. That is why is significantly important to provide a privacy policy notice in the sheet. Explicitly state how prohibited it is to disclose or reproduce any private document to anyone. Ask them politely to reach you immediately.

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