An organizer once dreamed of multiplying an event’s attendance list. But success doesn’t happen in one night as problems come and go. So, will the abundance of ticket sales remain a dream? Whether organizing rock music or dance festival, it is essential to prepare the right marketing tool. With our Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Festival Flyer Templates in Apple Pages, an organizer’s dream will come to life. In providing convenience and efficiency, all files can be downloaded in (US) 8.5x11 and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Now, fill your festival with festivity and celebration. Gather attendees in one crowd. Download, customize, and print now! 

How to Create a Festival Flyer in Apple Pages

Are you excited for a big and exciting festival in town? Well, life should always be about challenges with a twist of fun and exciting experiences. And part of the tradition and culture that people enjoy typically includes social interaction. Through festivals, it serves as a traditional social gathering that most people get the luxury of time to enjoy good food, music concerts, and outdoor party. According to the data released by Statista, Ultra Music Festival reached 330 thousand goers in 2013, marking it the highest number of attendees from 2012 up to 2018. This data explains a high demand among society. But for startup and smaller festivals in town, it is likely to be different. Behind these festivals and events are organizers who continually struggle to promote a good line up. But with flyers as a marketing tool, informing people is a lot more convenient. So, in helping you create an excellent Festival Flyer in Apple Pages, below are tips you can follow.

1. Gather all the Necessary Information

What do you intend people to know about? A lot of organizers tend to get tangled in so many challenges for not having final decisions beforehand. But little did you know, it affects the whole process, especially with the marketing plan. So, to start with, it is vital to collect all the information that needs to be in the flyer. As a guide, gather the basic; what, when, and where. Next, make sure to create a list of the messages and designs you want to incorporate. Decide if it is for a summer festival. But you are not limited to do it for a carnival for kids. Just make sure you become wiser when planning.

2. Setup Your Layout

Now that you have gathered the exact details, what is next for your flyer? Of course, never forget to visualize your plans. This is where the fun begins. In doing so, you need to set up the layout. You can opt to start with an empty document or get a pre-made template. Explore our website’s selections of Festival Flyer Templates. Now, download the template of your choice. Customizing it can be done in an easy step; open it with your Apple Pages application using Mac.

3. Grab the People’s Attention With a Headline

It is undeniably challenging to market an event without a snappy headline. After all, this is what excites and intrigues people. And in making sure that your target finds the interest to grab a piece of your sample flyer, make the headline popping and eye-grabbing. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Remember to keep it short yet purposeful. Achieve a higher goal by letting people determine what your event is about just by looking at the headline.

4. Write Down the Basic Details

Will your target goers make it on the scheduled festival day? Complete your event flyer by writing the necessary details. So, inform the people by writing what the event is all about, where it will be held, and when it is scheduled to happen. Also, you may consider adding messages that would catch their attention. In other words, a tagline could attract more goers. Or, add information that details the dress codes, if there is a need to.

5. Customize, Review and Disseminate

For every flyer, designs matter. So to achieve an attractive-looking leaflet, play with colors. Incorporate design elements, especially organization and sponsorship logos, as well as fun and relevant images. Typically, these are among your key advantages in gaining enough goers. Now, review the whole look. And once done, disseminate it and expect a fun gathering.

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